It's a strange kind of fun ..

It's a strange kind of fun,
I am feeling the rhythm.
It's music to my ear,
Wanna listen to it forever.
Let me pen it down,
Wanna hoop like a clown,
With a grin on my face;
My feet feel no breaks.

Shine like a star On a dreamy night,
With the moon out of sight,
Wanna dance around,
Mary go round and round.
Wanna blow like the breeze,
Touching the trees,
See the break of the dawn,
Till the sun comes along.

It's a strange kind of fun,
I am feeling the rhythm,
Let me fall in love,
With this eternal world.
Happiness knows no bounds
As i am a happy clown.
Sledging through the road of joys
Wishing a Merry Christmas to every passer-by.

You are the only one that I have got

Seldom have I given it a thought 
You are the only one that I have got
Looking back and forth onto my life
I guess i have realized this fact
You are the only one that I have got.

Once again I looked in thy eyes
Seeking a glimpse of what went by
But all I could see was barren land
Devoid of Love , the hatred glanced.
Yet You are the only one that I have got.

Happiness for you is all I wished;
But that has turned into a sad grin.
All I have tried and have taken the risk.
Should I say that I have turned my life upside down,  
For You are the only one that I have got.

What could I say to convince you,
For I believe that you know it too.
Every time it's not my fault,Yet I always fail to say it all
Hope is all I have , 
As You are the only one that I have got.

With a bruised heart I continue to live.
But the thought of letting go of you is no bliss,
The pain shall eventually suffice. 
Yet you fail to see the fact , it is you that I want,
You are the only one that I have got.

Measuring life with a coffee spoon

Coffee is the finest organic suspension ever devised.
It's got me through the worst and good alike
But beneath the creamy foam the dark caffeine lies
Mixed in all ingredients yet distinctly identifies.

Blacker than a moonless night.
Hotter and more bitter than devilish sight
That is how i like my coffee served
But everyone gets what he deserves.

I tried to measure my life with a coffee spoon
Initially my coffee looked beautiful like the moon
Creamy,Puffy and brimming over the edges
As if Santa was skiing through it on sledges.

I stirred the hot java mix with the coffee spoon
For once,the moony-groomy surface suspended,
A variety of shades , the effect of spade,
the coffee spoon, the perfect tool.

With every coffee layer , life identifies,
One sip and memories rejoice;
Finally as i was to put down the cup,
I realized the irony , and finished my coffee in a single gulp.

Life identifies with big and small alike
A coffee mug or a coffee spoon , suffice.
But how much u try to measure it , it shall always be bigger than we think.
Yet I tried measuring my life with a coffee spoon.

Nevermind ...

Never-mind the dreams are one of it's kind
Sometimes beautiful, sometimes bruised
But when you wake up everything is renewed
Its just the fading darkness of the night
That condemns us to put up a fight
We as a withered leaf fall
As if it's autumn's call.
Never-mind the dreams are one of it's kind.

It seems as if we are stuck at sea,
Striking randomness as the time flees,
With every thud the waves hit,drowsiness falls as a fit.
But the distant smear of hope,rekindles the efforts to cope.
There is a shimmer of happiness on the other side of the dawn
The sun shall come up and the drowsiness shall be gone.
Yet the time of high tide is hard to define,
you are stuck at sea and path seems blind.

Never-mind, that's the haziness of the dream,
Mostly ending up in a scream.
But there is always a ray of hope,
At the end of dark tunnel which we tend to escape.
But this period of darkness shall soon demise,
As the new day shall arrive.
Promise of new day is all it takes,
To shun down the darkness, such dreams are maketh.

inspired from : Nevermind by Charu Jain (

It's You, Probably it's True ...

It's you, probably it's true
The dandelions that you love to carry
Reminds me of the tooth fairy,
Yet you don't have a clue,
It's you, probably it's true

It's you, probably it's true
Holding onto your hand my heart beats like a band,
Playing the most beautiful lyrics
No one could deny but cherish
It's you, probably it's true.

It's you, probably it's true
When you walk by my side,i feel my head held so high
The most precious person i have
Like a diamond in the sky,
It's you, probably it's true

It's you, probably it's true
I have fallen in love with your beautiful smile
Which make me run that extra mile
Just cannot think of life without you
Probably it's true it's definitely you.

Best Friend

For all the years that have gone by,
You are the one person that has always been my side.
For the good and bad i have always looked unto you,
Best friend i would say has always been you.

The way you befriended me.
The way you believed in me.
The way you scolded me.
The way you held onto me.

What would have i done without you,
That supporting me when everyone quited,
That helping me in the messy situations,
That clearing my head with tricky conversations.

That dreaming with open eyes,
The hope to take on life in different stride
Your practical notions,
Yet my obnoxious nature.

I really miss those days that have gone by
It is true friendship,I sigh
You are an awesome friend to keep
And I hope, i shall find you beside me whenever i seek.

I just wanna experiment

Wanna ride , over the tide;
Just this once , further hence.
Wanna touch the sun , seems like fun;
I just wanna experiment.

Bring on life ,taken the stride;
The tryst with faith gonna be fun.
I wanna fight i wanna win,just this instance;
I just wanna experiment.

Let me write , everything i sight;
It's gonna rain washing the pain.
It looks like fun,I wanna run the fastest run;
I just wanna experiment.

In the known,foray in the unknown;
See every thing in a different light.
I see , I learn,I wanna grow as a different person;
I just wanna experiment...

Love.Once there was.... I wish

It was a sunny day,
You gestured in a funny way.
Those twinkling eyes,
flipped like butterflies.
That scent of roses,
casted pure indolence.
The whisk breeze,
complimented your streak.

The Kohl you wore,
made your beauty soar.
The dimples on your cheeks,
thy naughty smile speaks.
When lazily you stretched your arms,
i was literally charmed.
Those linen sheets,
where thy bosom creeps.

With serenity you move thy body,Closer to me.
With sincerity you spoke in my ears,whether i love thee ?
I was astound !!
But my answer was profound;
I replied,i love thee wholeheartedly,
and you sealed the vow with a kiss;
planting it on my lips,
On that sunny day... I wish.

I feel ... .

I feel as if life is going round in spiral.I don't know if this is a good thing or bad but what i certainly know is that i am not capable to handle it.What does life going in a spiral mean. For me it seems that every thing that once happened in my life is happening again.Life is giving me another chance at understanding what went wrong , what i missed to learn and what was left to be demonstrated . I fled last time,for i was really afraid as to what i may destroy. And finally everything crumbled upon me.And i destroyed myself , my ego, individualist behavior and above all the perception with which i was living. What i learnt from the last cycle ?? That every thing will again be normal there may be a little bit of pain initially but life shall continue to astonish us with it's marvels.
I thought i have evolved , i have learned and understood,things and the kind of pain people feel when things or life go hay-wired and i believed that shall have no significant impact on me.But now i stand as a person who tried to fill his hands with sand but all he got was few sand particles,as every single bit of sand drained out of his hand. And because of this failure he gets exposed to the environment and possibly to greater wrong which may be brought to him by others in the environment.
I have known this fact that ideals don't work in this society and i had transformed my self into someone who had his own ideals different from what society thought and what people want, i knew i was not doing wrong but people got hurt and i later understood those reasons and dropped my inhibition. I turned into a normal simple person similar to someone who just steps into a bigger city coming from a small town .
But i don't know what life wants of me, the first 2 years of this cycle are about to complete and these were exactly similar to the first 2 years of the 4 year span i was referring to. Its all coming back and that what makes me afraid , am i going down the rabbits hole ?? or is it something i missed that i need to learn and move forward ?? The answer to these questions,beyond doubt, are held in time and deeper down the rabbits hole. So i feel ..... Let Life Roll ... :)

Mindless Tweet..Creativity Speaks

Spontaneously creativity erupted out of the sack
Which was situated amidst the neural rack
The grey matter grew vibrant with flash flows
Intangibly catching any ideas that sack throws.
Only a portion of the brain simulated the scenario
With chemicals and proteins colouring the fresco.
What they aimed was to create a memory sap
As musical and picturesque as the reality flaps
The idea was too random to conceive
But it all depends on how you perceive.

Perception creates the chaos in the mind
Randomly creating order from their find
And finally a memory is conjured
Like a crystal recently carved.
Now the shiny thread of the memory is inserted in the rack
And this silents the eruption from the sack.
Our mind is indeed a designer's marvel
Where we usually find ourselves entangled.


With a pen in my hand
I thought of writing something new
With the second thought my imagination flew
It soared in the astral plain
Where every thing was joyous, no pain

The fountain of youth shimmered with the golden glow
And i wondered , the charm paid the tow.
It continually dragged me towards it
As if calling me to experience life with it's hallow.

It appeared and vanished
And my imagination was vanquished
I wanted to experience more of it
And pen down everything as a gist.

I could have achieved the youth but darn,
I was so astonished with its charm
That i never cared where it belonged
All i wanted to do was watch it glow
With full might for the people below.
-- [A][B]


Flipping through the pages
I thought of the the beautiful daisies
The snow flakes and the iceman i would make
That's the beauty of hope no one can take.
Outside everything was covered in snow
And in the far west the sun still glowed
I pondered over the half filled glass as an optimist
I cannot let myself be bonded and feel like a sadist.

What should i do to make me happy
Enlightened i rose and walked out in the snow
I was going to make my imagination come true
All i carried was a red hat and an ice-cream cone
Gathering the snow and piling it as a round ball
And then another smaller one was installed
Further the humanoid features took shape
And finally my iceman was ready to skate.

I just wanted it to come to life
A miracle that everything, defies
Life doesn't give you everything
And every wish cannot be fulfilled.
All we could do is hope for the best
And let everything in time, rest
But hope is definitely a very good thing
It soothes your pain and spreads happiness akin.

But strange are the ways of people !!!

Sometimes things seem so strange , you don't want to move on a path . You wonder what are you doing with your life ?? Isn't it the same old question we have been asking ourselves over and over again about our existence , the usefulness of our existence and the injustice brought about to us by the choices we have made. But once a friend told me "Life is a never ending learning process" it teaches you enough to live your life and if you are not a good learner you learn by getting hurt , seemingly in the similar fashion as we were punished for not completing our homework in school days.
As the time passes we think we have grown and matured , we have control over every thing that exists in our environment.But what we ignore is the presence of the variables in this equation that governs our existence , the variables are the other people whose choices and decisions catalytically change the course of your life. I have thrived to perceive the good in people and never cared what wrong accompanied them and have had the understanding if any wrong was to come that would eventually not stand in the way of my goodness but now i suppose i have been presumptuous of certain things. Indeed i am not going to change the way i think but precaution is never hazardous , I still remember somebody told me once that "Expectation is the root cause of human suffering, the more you expect, the more you are wronged or indeed you feel you have been wronged". But as a human being and in the pretext of social existence how could you not expect ??
Social epistemology has always intrigued me , with behavioral patterns coming up at the top of the list,that makes me wonder why does an individual makes a certain choice.Strange i would say i have come across people who have changed the course of their actions under the influence of certain other individual . What makes you tick ?? Your mind or what people believe is right. I suppose that's a very demeaning question as most of you would wonder have i gone insane , who doesn't want to satisfy the society,after all we are a part of it and have to imbibe it's basis rules into our lives for getting accepted in to the society.I believe i have always been a rebellion , i wanted to live differently , mostly on the rules of right and wrong i had defined for myself. But time killed that inhibition and i was turned into a normal teetotaler who lived for the society and by the rules of the society.So what does indifference mean ?? Does it mean to become a troglodyte?? No indeed not ... and why would anyone abandon a system that provides so much potential for the growth of an individual ?? Being an individualist and standing for your beliefs cannot be justifiably wrong then why is the society too obsessed by the existence of individualists, why are there social rules to bind them ?? "I" is one word that i have been obsessed about since the day i started believing in myself but it has been challenging to sustain my ego, 'why so??' most of you would again wonder but i would say sustaining you existence is the most difficult of tasks when everyone in your environment thinks that they can outplay you, trick you in their own game is an easy and rightful way of dealing with you .
So what needs to be done ?? Again a very relativistic question which has a different answer from every person. But strange are the ways of people !!! And its really difficult to interpret each and every thing.Once in an article a physiologist suggested that people tend to observe everything in their surrounding and its a neural cortex reflex to capture every action in your environment and you trap that visual in your sub conscience mind and always go back to it when analysising a situation and you realize that you already had an experience but you tend to conscientiously ignore it as it was insignificant in the context of the situation. So its important to take control of your mind in dealing with real life situations and when you think that you are open to wrong but then again wont the life be meaningless if every thing would be as perfect as it should be..... Think.


She was standing in the corridor
I still remember how i was intrigued
Those long legs and the high heels
And the caricature which was such a deal.

She walked slowly into my heart
Like a dart hitting on the spot.
Stopping it was out of question,
She was so sweet i didn't have option.

Is she a girl or an angel
This is a mystery still entangled
I tried to figure it out
But all i could create was doubt.

I thought,will she ever know i like her ?
Will she ever care i was there ??
So i decided to make a mark on her life
And tattooed her name with a knife.

Although she noticed it without gesture
All this seems so stupid, she lectured
But i am madly in love with you,I said
And am willing to go beyond the conventions portrayed.

But she was an angel and me a human
My heart bleed but she was nowhere
She was gone and i learnt,somethings are never meant to be,
No matter how genuinely hard you tried for it.

Losing you...

Sitting alone in my room thinking it through,
Trying to convince myself that I'm not losing you
Why cannot you just forget the things i said?
I was cranky but now I've cleared my head!

So tell me why ! I'm swimmin' against the tide,
And I'm praying for a life-line ,'cause I'm losing you,
So tell me why ! You don't care enough if i die,
And I cant stand, wont stand,losing you.

You don't have to say a word, it's in your eyes,
what can i do to convince you, we need more time?
And i know i may have made a few mistakes
But losing you is just too much for me to take.

Tell me why ,i wont stand losing you,
You don't care enough if i try,
Baby don't hurt me and make me cry,
I'm praying for a life-line ,'cause I'm losing you.

The Princess in Love ....

The princess glanced out of the castle window
Seeking a glimpse of the prince that would had her rescue
There were tears in her eyes
The pain in her heart that she could never deny.
She has become the slave of her virtue
the beauty she possessed,felt of no use
She thought "what am i to do without him?"
The pain was aggravating and taking a toll of her.

Love is so blissful she had believed
But the pain she was feeling could not be relieved
The agony was turning into tears
And her heart felt so heavy,she feared.
Will her prince ever come back,
She eyed the portrait displayed on the rack.
Beautiful memories filled her mind
those caressing and kissing were one of a kind.
The first kiss , the gasp of air between their breath,
The manly embrace , those walks in the woods
The never ending love that seemed to pour out of the hazel eyes,
Complementing the flawless stature that in his arms lie.
The mind was wandering in the terrain of happy thoughts
But her eyes refused to be delusioned and poured down tiny drops.
The perpetual denial of grief has been a driving force
And all she could do is cry and let it all go.

The wait has been for a year or so
But it felt as if,ages have flown.
And one day the trumpets blew,
The mighty palace gates , aside drew
The charming prince walked down the aisle
Held the hand of the love of his life.
And then the hazel met the brown eyes,
Penetrating into the bosom where their love lies.

The Rebellion

He screams at himself, His heart burns like fire
He punches his fist on the wall,Tears roll down his eyes for the lack of desire
And then tries to calm down,He tries to take revenge
Not with his physical power, But with the sarcasm in the tone of his voice
Its strange how he once told someone
“I detest that sarcasm in your voice, the smirk on your face…Just put that away”
And today he goes against his own principle he once preached.
He can do anything to send the message across to those people
Those who never understood him, those who were naïve,
Those who made decisions on his behalf,Those who hardly appreciated his innate talent,
And those who could never get out of the cocoon of this “society”
Is he overanalyzing things?
In all these technicalities, is he losing his mind, his youth?
But I guess he just wants to enjoy life
He wants to live like there is no tomorrow
For the years of his existence, he could only see the glass as half empty
Now for the rest of it he wants to see it as half full…
“Its good to be a rebellion.It keeps me moving” .


Sitting on the grass,
I glanced at the logo imbibed in brass.
It read camp carnival,
The best location to be in kanataal.

Suddenly the silence was broken by the mountain breeze,
Rambling between the devdar trees,
The camp fire jittered
And the flowing breeze sounded like a river.

I thought if i could only hold it in my hands,
Catch the breeze and fly to distant lands.
Probably it could take me to mountains
where i could live amidst the fountains.

The nature was calling me with open hands
But then there are things which i fail to understand
The clues left were arbitrary
And required knowledge to understand fully.

Then i thought to pen down the picturesque notion
For its easy to comprehend words than imagination.
But i had no pen no paper
Where am i going to note down it's stature.

On the ground over the soil
I wrote what my little head toiled
Words after words the scene was turned into literature
The woods,the breeze,the curvy road and the other desolate elements were all in there.

The music brought me back to reality
I was with the group of people with abundant rarity.
There was so much to learn from each one of them
And finally i decided to ignore the signs and embrace them.

Balancing Equation

Do you remember your chemistry lessons?? yes i am asking you to go way back to your first chemistry class where you were learning to balance equations.The idea of balancing the equation was so intriguing that i still am fascinated about the concept. Ah , dont be ridiculous , i am no ardent fan of chemistry , its just the general concepts that were imbibed in us through those learning sessions at school seem fascinating as they transform as great tools for our day to day understanding.
Yes i was talking about equations , balancing them and what were we dealing with ,yes elements from the periodic table.Every element used to have some physical and chemical properties and we were supposed to identify the elements on the basis of these characteristics during the higher classes. Now the idea was such that every thing transforms into something with equal proportions of some elements with appropriate amount of energy playing the role either being dissipated or getting absorbed and then there were catalysts , initiators and controlling elements that controlled the fate of the reaction.
Don't it all looks similar to your day to day experience in life, you meet people they act as elements then things start taking shape emotions,thoughts,ideas , philosophies etc come into play and define the course of one's life equation.It all looks ironic how a subject at such an early stage of our life hold so much philosophy and that too so explicitly visible that we never tried to understand it in this perspective.
That is the key of understanding education holds , all we have to do is scratch your heads and understand them and then implement them to know our environment , understand people , choose the right set of people.People who are true , who are bare minimum individualists believing in change and bringing about transformation by shear hard work.And we will definitely get help in identifying people who have double standards ( -ve catalyst, these are the people who are really responsible for unbalancing the equation). They need to be identified and controlled and stayed away from theoretically. But its human nature to be intrigued with something that is dark and that is how we create our dooms day.

Head and Heart

Random thoughts fill up my mind
Yet they seem one of a kind
My head tells me 'apply logic'
but heart says 'it's so tragic'
My head asked my heart
why are you so down to earth ??
The heart replied "I dont have anything applied".
"I just go by the flow,it's my nature to glow ".
But what of the people that have hurt you
Dont you wish to denounce them & make them feel so.

The heart replied it's your nature to pick up a fight,
The grey matter has blocked your sight.
You are so entangled in the meshy web,
That you dont see beauty in the ebb.
The head could not take the humiliation,
It decided to stop working for a generation.
Wonder it never made the heart see the truth
for it knew that heart can never be a sleuth.

With the head gone,the heart was open to wrong,
No one cared where it belonged.
People played with it as they liked,
And then the heart realized what the head had tried?
Thinking only with your heart is a bad experience indeed
For the heart is eventually meant to bleed.
The heart realized it was a big mistake
And requested the head to partake.
The life returned to normal
And the head and heart were never that formal.

I wish to fly

The sky was clear,
but the sun was no where near
I gazed into the sky,
for I wished to fly.

Oh god please turn me into a bird
but there is nothing i could say in a word
It's stars i seek
but the bounds denied to shriek.

How much should i run,
the paths would always turn.
The destination seems to be at hand
but when i reach there it's merely sand.

I wish to outsmart time
and reach my aim with a dime.
And for this reason i wish to fly,
so that my destination shall always comply.

Words and Wine

Think of words and make them rhythm
But people say they sound like chimes
A gust of wind that flows through the vines
And it carries the fragrance that’s hard to define.
A set of alphabets you see
Like the saplings in a nursery
But when they combine sentences are formed
Like the mighty trenches that wait to to be transformed.

Now the figure of speech has to play it's role
Beautifying the sentences that our voice bestows
Similar to the spring that brings with it a moment of hope,
The trenches shall soon be filled with grapes.
Further the eloquence and pitch come into the picture
They are the processes that give value to the sentence structure
This is similar to the way grapes are turned into wine
An integral part of how things are refined.

Then the wine is put in corked barrels
Similarly the words are penned down by laurels
What’s more common between them than time?
Both get important down the line.
But picturesque is the moment when both are together,
As both get down your nerve altogether.
It is the moment of a lifetime,
When a glass of wine and words chime.

Ultimate Pleasure

I looked out of the window and tried to gaze,
what i was looking for seemed out of phase.
The fog was covering the earth
and it seemed, the nature wanted a new birth.

Just then i saw the first rays reach us from the East,
Ahhh it was such a feast.
The fog started to melt and the greenery started to sway,
It felt as if they also wanted to get away.

It was the sight of life claiming it's territory
And things to me felt so iteratory
Every bud that turned to a flower
Enhanced the charm of the spring into natural power.

It seemed as the divine has descended the heavens
Only to be present in these ravens
And a brisk breeze whispered to me,Oh grazer!!
What you are looking at is the ultimate pleasure.

Mountain River

I sat with a mesmerizing shock
High up on the rock
A mountain river flowed by
Continually hitting the rock where my blossom lie.

I saw the water
Purer than the one at altar
Challenging the might of the stone
That i was using as a throne.

Pure and free were the escennece of the stream
And as a Scorpion i intended to dream
Don't our emotions flow like this
A stream of thoughts seeking bliss.

Collection of droplets make this vision possible,
Together we are and nothing impossible.
No fear could stand in our way
In front of our flow they say.

They intend to take every thing away
but its not fear they portray.
Life is synonymous with their speed
but dare not wish for it with greed.

But as far as i could see from the rock,
their was nothing in their way that could have taken the shock.
Beginners luck as most of you would believe!!!
As might of the mountain river is hard to concieve.

Yet things start to change,
With every descend the things get strange.
Now the mountain river has reached the plains
It's time for it to settle down , nature proclaims.

But water has a unique property.
Coherence is at its liberty.
It changes form on nature's plea
Begins with a tiny droplet and ends at sea.

Listen to your Heart : Take on unexpected Path

How do we feel when we see a mystery unfold in front of us ?? Is it the feeling of joy, curiosity or sadness as the mystery would never be mystery again and would never intrigue us as it always did before revelation.Whatever may be the emotion (as emotions are not the only thing that drives human behavior) but this unfolding makes mark onto the onlooker.He feels pride for being intellectual , to have unraveled the secret and bringing to the world the true nature of the things.
There are different kinds of curious people and their pursuit of knowledge leads through different paths only to reach one destination, answers or knowledge or information as i put it in the modern context. So what are they doing to walk their paths ?? They choose a field of interest , its like there are hundreds of roads leading up the mountain and you choose to take the path where you would get to walk through an orchid,it is just our choice , yes choices make a lot of difference.So finally when we say we have decided the field of interest , we need to put in our efforts to pursue excellence in that field .And how exactly do we do that ???
I would say by observation and interpretation,look out for opportunities and if you think that there are none available then create a few for yourself.This is not being hypothetical or insane , but lets say you see an orchid in the path which is completely fenced and it would take effort to get in , and then you realize that the trees are not bearing any fruit as it is still not spring.So what options do you have considering that it was your dream to visit the orchid,there are few things that one could do,wait for the spring and come down to the orchid later or console himself that he has seen the orchid and there was no need to get in it as it looked the same from outside or dare to get inside roam around , try to learn from the surroundings. Probably he may find some grafting going on , for cross breeding , or you may find a setup for beekeeping and honey harvesting or he may find a beautiful fountain at the center of the orchid, there are endless possibilities.But all one needs to do is make choices , yes choice, to move on a path , choice to explore anything and every thing that gets along your way and above all one needs to enjoy the journey and the triumph of reaching his destination alike.
And I believe if you have distinct idea as to what you want in life , the biggest puzzle , yes our life seems to be a piece of cake.So enjoy the feast and get going unraveling the mysteries that lie in your path.


I am clueless , the pace with which things are happening around me , are making me feel trapped and lost in a jungle. The jungle is the same one which I once thought of dwelling in and creating my world but now it feels as if i am trapped in it. The virtual behavior of thoughts seems to be more of an illusion than an opportunity to escape this trap.
What could one do than to blame his thought process for such a blunder , I no longer understand what is right and wrong and that i suppose is the result of flexibility, you provide to your heart, to interfere with your mind.Playing by the rules with sincerity has always been taught to you but what if things don't work out.Patience my friend , a lot of people would suggest, "Patience is the art of hoping, and hope for the best".But how could one be patient when he on account of this patience has lost the battles that could have been won.And then we crib that life is very unfair to us, why me , what have i done wrong. Why cannot i be happy , why cannot i get what i want to make myself happy... are the numerous questions that fill up the void we have developed in our mind due to this grief.So is it pain that hurts?? no it is us who on account of self destructive urge create a shell of sorrow to protect us from even greater harm we think that this jungle will infringe on us.
Then when you think that the battle is almost lost you discover a new world, a new beginning that is in infancy and promises a lot of potential prospects for your dream world and you believe that this is it. The greater plan that life was planning for you , and you embrace it with both hands not realizing that we as humans are incapable of escape.Be nice , be good ,believe in higher powers is taught to us by every religion (a system of control as far as i am concerned).And we embrace the change to be further trapped into the mud hole.
"I want escape " you keep shouting but who would help you,every one around you is facing the same marshy trapped situation like yours , some know it others are ignorant(Ignorance is bliss , it eases your pain) but facing all this with ignorance is no solution.Yes this is being optimistic, what else could your miserable self do ?? I have no answers for these weird questions , i only hope that there are some clues hidden in the jungle that would eventually lead the way and get one through and the one is provided with a lot of patience and strong will to get through or else he may be lost forever.
"And every one says you need to speak for yourself" was the exclamation that filled my head at any meeting where i was unheard , so typical of me and a lot of egoistic people who seem to believe that truth starts at the juncture they think appropriate. But today i met EXPERIENCE,yes it is one of the most valued asset of any professional and i for the first time saw loosing my self in front of it ,i was looking for corners to hide myself . I didn't understood what happened to me but i saw panic gripping my entire body and yet my mind was sporting an opposition.Thank god i always rely on my mind for my professional goals and eventually i was able to make my point and attain some respect in the eyes of my opponent.

The above statements are not meant to be conclusive they are a snippet of an encounter of a professional with his manager which concluded in a mutual yes for both the parties.But trying to draw conclusions out of it would be illogical.As both of them think that they have outsmarted the other , the manager would believe that he handled a situation pretty well by drowning the enthusiasm of the individual by half agreeing to him and half repressing him whereas the individual would believe that he was although partially heard but would eventually be called to express himself later.
So all in all both of them mutually accepted that this is inconclusive and both are winners(normally its a draw but egoistic minds),so it always takes the third person to analyse who the winner is and here i would like to add that the winner is never the party involved but the person who sits on the side line and learns from the stupidity of those involved.
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