You are the only one that I have got

Seldom have I given it a thought 
You are the only one that I have got
Looking back and forth onto my life
I guess i have realized this fact
You are the only one that I have got.

Once again I looked in thy eyes
Seeking a glimpse of what went by
But all I could see was barren land
Devoid of Love , the hatred glanced.
Yet You are the only one that I have got.

Happiness for you is all I wished;
But that has turned into a sad grin.
All I have tried and have taken the risk.
Should I say that I have turned my life upside down,  
For You are the only one that I have got.

What could I say to convince you,
For I believe that you know it too.
Every time it's not my fault,Yet I always fail to say it all
Hope is all I have , 
As You are the only one that I have got.

With a bruised heart I continue to live.
But the thought of letting go of you is no bliss,
The pain shall eventually suffice. 
Yet you fail to see the fact , it is you that I want,
You are the only one that I have got.


Charu said...

hmmmm ... nice ... but i like 'happy poems' more ... so get ANOTHER ONE and write a happy poem ;) :D

abhinav said...

haan ji Charu mam !!!
aapki thodi madad leni padegi :)
infact chahiye !!!

waise thanks for reading my poem and appreciating it !!

Khushboo said...

touching!!... how do u come up with these???....really thought -provoking!!!.... keep up the good work!!....

p.s.- the only glitch i thought were the words "sad grin".... its an oxymoron that doesn't suit well coz grin is an expression of extreme happiness and well sad???. ..n i think u could get better words to make it sound ironical yet convey the message!

pps;- i don't mean to be very critical but just my thoughts!!....

abhinav said...

Thanks khushboo !!!

And for ur ps:it explains the oxymoron i used there it's a sad grin because although the character is giving a smile but actually he is sad from within , just an expression to point out all is not well !!! yet he is trying to convince her and everyone around him that he is fine and indeed happy.

Hope that clears ur doubt.

Pink Diva said...

great poems..
thanx for sharing..

kitty said...

nicely written ! :)

Abhinav Rastogi said...

@Kitty,@Pink Diva

Thanks for reading and appreciating!!

Hope you will continue boosting my morale!!!

Peeush said...

Great work.. its like a habit to see u pen down ur thoughts so well..

As someone has already posted.. would luv to see some humor/happiness in ur poems.. Something different..

Anonymous said...

m so touched.......tum yaar kamaal karte ho.......kahan IT main apna hunar waste kar rahe the way u write.......SUPERLIKE....:-)


abhinav said...

thanks Anonymous Surbhi !!!

Pinky said...

Awesome lines! beautifully expressed!!! :)

abhinav rastogi said...

Thanks for liking the Post !!! hope u enjoyed the other posts as well !!! Keep Reading and motivating further ....

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