Losing you...

Sitting alone in my room thinking it through,
Trying to convince myself that I'm not losing you
Why cannot you just forget the things i said?
I was cranky but now I've cleared my head!

So tell me why ! I'm swimmin' against the tide,
And I'm praying for a life-line ,'cause I'm losing you,
So tell me why ! You don't care enough if i die,
And I cant stand, wont stand,losing you.

You don't have to say a word, it's in your eyes,
what can i do to convince you, we need more time?
And i know i may have made a few mistakes
But losing you is just too much for me to take.

Tell me why ,i wont stand losing you,
You don't care enough if i try,
Baby don't hurt me and make me cry,
I'm praying for a life-line ,'cause I'm losing you.


Ladoooo.... :) :) said...


abhinav said...

Thanks dude!!

Anonymous said...

wat shud i say..... this was an emotion i have been thru.. n reading this brought a tear to my eye again... :)
gud wrk...

abhinav said...

Thanks anonymous !!
Did not mean to make you cry !! But was trying to explore this emotion to the depth,any human could feel.

jyoti said...

simple n pure enough 2 portray d feeling n emotions wen u r afraid of losing sumone...like it...(:

abhinav said...

thanks Jyoti !!!
you are right the agony, the pain one feels when they are loosing something or someone is unbearable and that is what i have tried to explore.
But it is more of a pleading after that someone has completely lost on you and you wish to make things right.
But nothing turns right and that is how life goes.

Pinky said...

one of the best lines i have come across about the fear of loosing someone dear ! nicely put in to words!! :) Great work. keep rocking wid your work!

abhinav rastogi said...

@Pinky Thanks , This post is really close to my heart :)

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