Sitting on the grass,
I glanced at the logo imbibed in brass.
It read camp carnival,
The best location to be in kanataal.

Suddenly the silence was broken by the mountain breeze,
Rambling between the devdar trees,
The camp fire jittered
And the flowing breeze sounded like a river.

I thought if i could only hold it in my hands,
Catch the breeze and fly to distant lands.
Probably it could take me to mountains
where i could live amidst the fountains.

The nature was calling me with open hands
But then there are things which i fail to understand
The clues left were arbitrary
And required knowledge to understand fully.

Then i thought to pen down the picturesque notion
For its easy to comprehend words than imagination.
But i had no pen no paper
Where am i going to note down it's stature.

On the ground over the soil
I wrote what my little head toiled
Words after words the scene was turned into literature
The woods,the breeze,the curvy road and the other desolate elements were all in there.

The music brought me back to reality
I was with the group of people with abundant rarity.
There was so much to learn from each one of them
And finally i decided to ignore the signs and embrace them.


surbhi said...

Ek dam jhakkas Angrezi likhi hai boss...Maan gaye ustaad.....yahan kyun apna talent bekaar kar rahe ho......himalaye pe jake research karo aur likho...yeh generation tumhare gyan ki bhukhi hai...Prabhu..aapki badi jaroorat hai duniya ko...

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