The Rebellion

He screams at himself, His heart burns like fire
He punches his fist on the wall,Tears roll down his eyes for the lack of desire
And then tries to calm down,He tries to take revenge
Not with his physical power, But with the sarcasm in the tone of his voice
Its strange how he once told someone
“I detest that sarcasm in your voice, the smirk on your face…Just put that away”
And today he goes against his own principle he once preached.
He can do anything to send the message across to those people
Those who never understood him, those who were naïve,
Those who made decisions on his behalf,Those who hardly appreciated his innate talent,
And those who could never get out of the cocoon of this “society”
Is he overanalyzing things?
In all these technicalities, is he losing his mind, his youth?
But I guess he just wants to enjoy life
He wants to live like there is no tomorrow
For the years of his existence, he could only see the glass as half empty
Now for the rest of it he wants to see it as half full…
“Its good to be a rebellion.It keeps me moving” .


Anonymous said...

nice one... feels like it has happend to me at certain point of time.. :) keep it up .. m following.. :)

abhinav said...

thanks anonymous for relating so closely to my poem!!!
It would have been wonderful if you posted with your name !!!

thanks anyways....

Shilpa said...

Rebellion... the need comes when smhw knowingly or being unaware one gives his/her command to other hands n finally the command is overwhelming...
Be free,feel free.. none can bind you.You are a unique individual in this world,as everyone of us is. Carve well ur existence.But first,recognise,is this really sm1 else commanding or ur mind entangled sumwhere behind!

U said...

And those who could never get out of the cocoon of this “society” --> ru talkin about UR orthodox,backward,weird society in dis line :P

abhinav said...

@ Shilpa Being a rebellion in a sense seems as if the person is not in control and is marked with a sense of frustration.Frustration from life , the environment and the inhabitants of that environment.
But in a way its very positive it initiates change either at micro or macro level of the society but it eventually brings about change.And change is good.And past is a good teacher it characterizes your future and provides a vision for a rebellion.And being a rebellion is not always a remark of being suppressed or looked down or binded but a feeling of doing something different from normal walk of life, out of the box. i believe its a virtue and requires a lot of courage to stand up..

abhinav said...

@ U

Society in general is orthodox, backward, weird and is afraid of change. It stops you , pulls you back and questions your authority to challenge the existence of certain normals , which i would say could be the fundamentals on which the society is built.So what could you do life a normal happy life like every one else, a commoner, second handler who does what he is told to do or be a first handler bring about change with the virtue of your existence.It is entirely based on individual perception.(whether naive or matured)

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