Humane Touch of Thoughts

I always wondered why people said "think from your heart and act from your head."I always thought with my head and acted with my heart , did i jumbled up the meaning of the above two sentences , indeed i did and this is what i wish to understand.But how am i to understand it by barely writing a few lines ???
Let me clear a few fundamentals which i adhere to while penning this post first of all i have learn't when things or to be precise thoughts are not clear then write them down words give meaning to your thoughts , an existence which is real rather than a metaphysical entity, projecting from a mind which tends to penetrate its significance not by chance but by instincts and most of the time the mind blocks those instincts , making the metaphysical existence completely non existent.
I always thought i had a more dramatic insight into things because i always approached their existential behavior understood them with the perception of mind and saw the real meaning of their existence. And that was what made me understand them , enabled me to extend their abilities to the limits they themselves never understood.So in all this, where does the role of heart come into picture? That was my perpetual behavior till date at understanding things and behaviors and to putting into play scenarios which would eventually help others.
But now as i am writing this post, the thoughts which should have evolved from my head are
originating from my heart(heart is a symbolic representation of head + emotions), i always thought i cannot empathize with an individual in misery, i was of the understanding that he is
himself responsible for it and should try to come out of it with his own abilities and if he couldn't he is at the right spot. I still believe it but my understanding is hexed by a notion that if that person seeks help from others to come out of his misery then he should be helped.
This is the emotional side of the understanding which i was carrying over the 1/4th period of my life but never understood because i never gave it a chance over my head and it eventually went deep inside me only to resurface now , reasons of which i have partially understood and shall learn as i grow intellectually.I call it the Humane Touch of Thoughts where your mind and heart work in conjunction to make this world a better place firstly for you and then for the individuals directly or indirectly placed in your environment.
Here i wish to add that my head is telling me i am doing an incorrect thing by exposing the intricate details of my understandings but my instincts tell me that you already have been closed so open up.Open up your heart and mind and let the world know the true you, after all you are a human. So what ever you do do it with your head and heart, isn't it that what makes us who we are.

Magical hands ! Mystic colours !!

Strange topic!!! That is what one thinks when something unusual or eccentric comes across but philosophers are of the view that the most intricate of all understandings could evolve from the life surrounding us and the penetration of the ideas projected by it. So this is one topic which tries to understand how life goes and how it is influenced by the environment we live in.

Are you wondering what does this topic mean? What are Magical hands? Ok let me put it forth Magical hands pertains to the divine intervention and the Mystic colours are the various shades of our life, the canvas we paint with our emotions and the influence and perception of people surrounding us. What do we do when some result is going to be out, I am not talking only of exam results but of results at every level of our life, this may be an individual perception but I suppose at the back of his head that individual prays or rather hopes he is successful. Here I am also talking about people who are confident to succeed yet there is a mark of fear and that makes him hope he succeeds. This hope calls for a divine intervention. It has been a universally known fact that the success of an individual is determined by the mathematical formula of 99% hard work and 1% luck, shear luck. A lot of us might have also experienced that in a way or so , we hope we are lucky and we don't fail to achieve what we wish to.

So we wish things should be right.

Another contradictory aspect can be, the magical hands pertains to the hard working hands of the people who don't believe in destiny or rather believe in making one. These people are the Fountainheads of the society the Atlases who are holding this world on their shoulders and burdening themselves with the mystic colours of life across this globe. They are rightly the people who, define the destiny of their peer men and are the source of Magical hands.

Those were a few interpretations of the Magical Hands they may not be true in everyone's perception but may cater to the thinking of a lot of people.

The mystic colours mesmerizing our thoughts drive the understanding of our life and surroundings. What do you feel when you see a painting you may not be an art veteran or someone who has studied art but you definitely feel something even a thought like "what does this painting mean?" is enough to say that colours inspire us, insight our visual perception then what shall be the effect of something like life which has shades beyond the imagination of an individual. Phenomenal is one exclamation that comes to my mind when I see that an entire lifetime or even two shall be small enough to go through and understand and experience the different shades and colours of life. The existential philosophy over the decades or to say over the centuries has been trying to define a singular aspect of life and yet that seems so less so miniature in front of life itself. A whole book may seem small, if i try to explain my experiences and various shades of life the mystical, mesmerizing colours which are only reflective of my environment and my surroundings. So I shall be penning it down in the exact format, in a hope to expect your feed back, along with your experiences.

Yes in deed the magical hands may seem to be the hands of a potter who shapes the pot and then fills mesmerizing colours into it, a symbolism of us in our environment being crafted by divine intervention.

Applauding the "CHANGE"

Some things are inevitable ,why do you suppose I am saying this, yes there is a very specific reason to discuss this.Change is what I am talking about. Irony it may seem when we hear people say "Change is the only Constant" because that it violates the idea of a constant , something which does not change has a static defined value .Then how could change be constant.
That's not a hypothetical idea as of now but the basics of few industries, which are thriving because every thing is changing so frequently,depends on this change.Humans have been coined as the social animals and they have over the process of evolution , which in Darwin's terms is a form of change , understood the system of control and to evaluate the changes they have eventually devised the the way things are interpreted,Philosophy,Sociology and few other domains are these tools which give reasons ,interpretation and understanding of human behaviour.
Can we name anything which does not change??? hard to guess ??? OK let me put up my perception, memories are meant to last forever , they are least prone to change and acts as a relative index to measure change. A beautiful memory will remain beautiful, an ugly one ugly they persist with the human mind they reside in or the templates they are written in ,yes they don't change.
So we have a contrast when we say every thing is changing yet memories are not , one tends to forget them but they dont change ,it lingers with us all our life.So I believe that it is one thing we should work upon create happy memories,have happy projection of the future so that when tomorrow comes its beautiful.For it is universally known that the perception of environment we live in depends on our mind and thoughts and that could be changed and bettered ,of course."the beautiful we think more beautifully we liveth".

'I' : The symbol of Egotism or a mere instance of 'ME'

You must have heard people say" I am what I am !!" and you must have winked at them and felt "How arrogant of him!!" or "Whats this attitude??". So here we would discuss 'I' , hey this has nothing to do with 'ME' in-fact i shall be penning it down as a third person and 'I' and 'YOU' shall act as first and second person.
"Egotism is the motivation to maintain and enhance favorable views of self to the point of being self-destructive. Egotism means thinking the world revolves around oneself, and believing one to be more important than what is actually the case."
The above statement is considered synonymous to 'I' in general opinion . The opinion which acts as the basic attribute of the social fabric to which we are woven.

We say an egoist is selfish he possesses an inflated feeling of pride in his superiority to others but 'I' asks 'YOU' "Is it wrong to be self conscious? To know your potential, your limits? " . 'I' also asks "Why is being humble a virtue because it gives space to 'YOU', prevents 'YOU' to see the reflection of your real persona, a miserable one".

I don't have an accurate opinion on the present topic as this is one of those never ending debates that a person has to refute even if he is not willing to , so is the cause of the social fabric we are woven into.It is rather painful to understand why shouldn't we be conscious of our existence ,our potential? Why do we blame people for being selfish in there quest for achieving. People never seem to stop in pointing out that a big business man has done so well for himself but he does nothing for the welfare of the public. We also point out that government is responsible for every thing bad happening in the country and we consider that it is the social responsibility of the rich and the powerful to provide support for the weak and poor (in terms of value,luck ,choice etc) of the society.This is similar to the COMMUNIST mentality which again as "I" says "Is Ironical!!".
Because we again are afraid to fully accept it .

But as most of us fail to understand that 'I' is not a mere symbol of egotism but a parameter for self pride which drives a lot of individuals who by their virtues can eventually bring about a change to this society . It defines a symbol of growth for which a certain individual is responsible what shall any one get depriving that individual the moment of pride , he deserves?.
'I' also encourages competition which again promises evolution in the social fabric and something which by nature of its virtue is constructive cannot cause harm to the social element.

We are given this life to live for ourselves , to learn and to evolve and in the process exercise the strength of our virtues to evolve the society.Why cannot any one else breathe for me , why not anyone else eat for me or for that sake rest for me?? So it is 'I' who is responsible for 'ME' or to say 'ME' is responsible for 'I' . Because at the end of the day it is survival that matters.


"Eventuality is a faculty from the discipline of Phrenology, which rules the factual memory: the memory for facts and events. It can also be referred to as the historical faculty, and it is reflected in a desire to know and be informed. The localization is between Individuality and Comparison." - GOOGLE .
i have always loved knowing different individuals , understanding them to the depth for i think that is the key to understanding the greatest mystery of all times " Why are we here? " ," What are we supposed to live for? " and other such questions over which the the philosophers from different era have pondered and given theories . I don't say i am philosopher neither am i a socialist I am just a normal human being trying to find meaning for my Life . A Life which i stage as someone the world knows but analyze it as if i were the third person looking over my life , i don't possess the power to control time but sometime after committing a blunder of a life time i wish i had that capability to undo what i did wrong but the beauty of life as i realize is in cleaning up the mess that we created in our folly, ignorance , short sightedness or rather to say in our un-aimed miscalculated prediction of the situation.
I have seen quite a few individuals and know them far better than they think I do. I have seen them on a quest to defeat someone, break the standards set by someone so that they could prove they are good, better .
"BETTER" ,better than whom someone who was considered the best for quite some time ,but what they don't realize is that the individual who was considered the best is not better than them at that instant and they would only remain the best until someone out performs them or betters them . I am not trying to make a point that quest for betterment is GOOD or BAD but I am trying to put forth that is it necessary for everyone to tell you that you are good or will you be good only when you out perform someone. The point is if you wish to improve improve on yourself , if you wish to out-perform, out-perform yourself. I believe and it is my prerogative to think so that every individual possesses a specific set of Potential either in terms of mind or of body and could eventually improve on it by changing his state [Ref: Potential energy in terms of physics is the energy which is possessed by the body due to it's state].This is like learning from your own mistakes and improving yourself, or like doing things which you believe that you cannot do; stretching yourself to the limit like walking a mile or two extra when you believe your body cannot go further . This is nothing but believing in ourselves a positive state of mind which various Stress Management Gurus point out to control the feelings or emotions of an individual.
But i believe lot of the people i have met are unhappy not because they don't have enough but because the person they wish to outperform is performing better than them. I don't say be contended with what you have but change the way you look at things , change your mind set, don't be a lunatic in copying others use your mind, portray your own style for the people you intend to follow were unique in there own respect .Try to gain respect from yourself and eventually the happiness will follow.

Life comes a full circle

Venturing into the realms of "nothingness" ;yes i have just coinined this word it is an expression to signify the the depth just as we say meaninglessness . It extends the gravity of the word be it negative or positive.Where am i taking this , of course to nothing.
This nothing has been called a void, a vacuum or an avenue where everyone of us has ventured but could not give the description of its landscape , it's beauty or ugliness .A place which every one of us avoids but eventually lands in it for a while or for eternity.

So the Question is what does this nothingness pertains to??? that seems to be a pathetic question when i am saying its nothing then how could it have meaning but eventually we realize that it does have meaning. the meaning is well hidden under the seemingly feeling of "NOTHINGNESS".It is like anti matter the negative of the feeling when we have everything.Yes that is what we always want but how will we cherish everything until we realize its true value.

Whenever we have to venture into a different territory by train, plane or ship we reach the station were we board our transportation medium but generally its after a delay either for the sake of security checks, technical faults or arrival delays .This period of probation is in the realms of "Nothingness". But we don't realize that this was the period that eventually made us realize that the journey and the destination is important rather than standing at the station.It is like creating an extreme low so that you may realize how is it to achieve the greatest pleasure.

If it would not have been for the darkness no one would have appreciated the find of fire. No civilization would have endured the presence of sun God and literature would have announced or appreciated the win of good over evil.So if this "Nothingness" has so greater a meaning and it seems to be the negative of every thing that means it is the greatest evil one could find and overcome."Empty mind is Devil's playground" and this empty mind is cause of "nothingness".

The list is endless and one could go on comparing the good and evil things with this realm of nothingness and would arrive on a similar conclusion but the anticipation of the conclusion lies on one's own self so at the end of the day it is your attitude that matter and the understanding you derive out of the conclusion of nothingness. A positive approach would help you enhance your vices into virtues , love whatever you do and your opinion would matter about the situation .The life goes a full circle and things happen as they ought to happen it is you opinion and your choices which decide your course of existence either happily or into the realms of nothingness.

When it's death for a caterpillar , God says it's butterfly.

The Arabs feel that everything is already written, God is compassionate, and wrote it all down just to help us.
Think of the caterpillar. It spends most of its life on the ground, envying the birds and indignant at its fate and its shape. "I am the most disliked of all the creatures," it thinks. "Ugly, repulsive, and condemned to crawl along the ground." One day, though, Mother Nature asks the caterpillar to make a cocoon. The caterpillar is startled -- it has never made a cocoon before. He thinks that he is building his tomb, and prepares to die. Although unhappy with the life he has led up until then, he complains to God: "Just when I finally became accustomed to things, Lord, you takeaway what little I have." In desperation, he locks himself into the cocoon and awaits the end. Some days later, he finds that he has been transformed into a beautiful butterfly. He is able to fly to the sky, and he is greatly admired. He is surprised at the meaning of life and at God's designs.

The Zahir - I

The title comes from the famous author Paulo Cohelo who has unconventional ways of looking at things ,interpreting them in terms of Philosophy and Spiritualism.But this post is not a review of the book but a mere recollection of my interpretation and the way the book helped me in realising my true self .
The Zahir as the writer puts forth in the book
"In Beunos Aires , the Zahir is a common 20-centavo coin; the letters N & T and the number 2 bear the marks of a knife or a letter - opener; 1929 is he date engraved on the reverse.(In Gujarat , at the end of the eighteenth century, the Zahir was a tiger ; in Java , it was a blind man from the Surakarta mosque who was stoned by the faithful; in Persia , an astrolabe that Nadir Shah ordered to be thrown into the sea ; in Mahdi's prison,in around 1892, a small compass that had been touched by Rudolf Karl von Slatin...)
.....the story by Jorge Luis Borges, about something which, once touched or seen, can never be forgotten , and which gradually so fills our thoughts that we are driven to madness......"
I myself thought i was living with a Zahir and could never get passed it and that changed me completely i started creating my life according to it , accepting the fact that i was too weak and impulsive to get over it and it has to be in this manner that i will have to live with it for ever. The urge changed me completely into a person who never thought beyond his Zahir, which manifested his life to it and changed into a person who I actually was not . The persona that started to be reflected was like a dual personality that covered the actual desire to make my Zahir realize that i existed and that i was shattered by the Zahir presence.The Zahir made me become the person who did things that were obvious that pleased the society , it defeated the rebel in me.
I always tried to understand life ,the journey which is more important than the destination which probably is the end and the person seizes to exist either physically or mentally, but this Zahir was kind of obstructing my intellect; my true understanding.Actually before this book actually happened i couldn't recognise it as Zahir , which further complicated the issue as the things that are not understood always confuse us. And in that confusion i was shooting arrows in the dark but to no use as the aim probably was never in that direction.I had to get rid of my personal history , free myself from the burden of my past and start building my life brick by brick and that is what the author suggests and talks about Love to achieve that the love for life , the quest for knowledge and through various references suggests us to enjoy the journey called life.
He also suggests us to live life on our own terms , but the manner should be way different that we may actually interpret we don't actually have to upset people by living our life at our own terms but live in a manner that the people who are a part of your life are never hurt. The Zahir if taken in a positive essence can cause an experience which a person may never ever expect to know in his entire life span and that requires a level of conscience and understanding which this book provides. The new aspect of looking at things had eventually released me of my burdens, the pain i carried in the form of Zahir and the impulsive decisions i took because of it.I feel more controlled and balanced . This was something which i penned down few years ago ,
" We are the boats , sailing in the waters of life;
Facing the waves of fright ;
Pondering to give a fight;
Continue in our might.
Storms will come;
and lead us to our doom.
but we ain't done yet ;
for it's life we fetch."
Although it was in my early teens that i wrote the above lines when i was fascinated by rhyming sentences and the concept of Octets and Sonnets but the realization and depth they had could be well interpreted with what I am dealing with today. So I have to continue living ,building every moment of it ,for the time that has gone by shall never return but a new beginning has every possibility , for the boat damaged in a storm can always be repaired like new.

Taking life in positive stride

I don't know why am I penning down this? But a great urge happens to control my senses at the moment and i cannot stop it or over power it and happen to be me , a self controlled personality.
Actually i was going through a blog and that said that people should like you in any form you present yourself to them and if they don't they are hurting you in an impeccable manner, that was so immature of the author, but the sense of childishness attracted me . That kind of child resides in every one of us and we try to defeat it as we grow old . Trying to convince everyone around us to our point of view, achieving things which a few years down the line wouldn't even matter or hurting someone which matters to you the most in the world are the few things we resort to , in order to achieve the essence of being successful.
I never hated anyone and avoid hurting individuals which matter a lot to me. In fact i learn a lot about me from the perception of others and if that is criticism then its all the better.
I don't care about clarifying issues but they always have a purpose and a positive purpose which a person may not understand then and there but a few years down the line they may realise that i was up to no harm, and these are a few physiological methods of getting past a failure that I always avoided.

Interpreting "Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently"

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog but this should be blamed on the shortage of time and the pile of tasks I had to undertake to justify my professional existence. During this, I had wonderful opportunities to learn about the behavioral patterns of individuals and their approach towards undertaking a task and the level of accomplishments achieved by them. In this blog I am going to shed light on this fact alone.
“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”, is the phrase we all have been listening to every time we seek motivation in our work or rather to say after a failure or a mishap. Do you really think this is what we seek to inspire us to do things successfully?? Strange as this may sound but the people the phrase refers to underwent more number of failures than a common individual yet they stood there facing the wraths of time and prevented themselves and their motivation from being overburdened by the hordes of failures they underwent. The most successful of all beings, inclusive of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Sydney Sheldon and the list continues; faced many failures in their lives but they never looked at it as a failure but a mile stone which taught them that the task has to be done in a way different than what they had anticipated.
Edison after a series of failures during his invention of electric lamps quoted that “I have not failed but I have found thousand ways of, how not to proceed to build an electric lamp.” So it’s just the perception of an individual that matters and that is what acts as the motivating fact and keeps him going. But over the last few days I found people who considered the above phrase as the word of “The Oracle” and thought that they may easily win if they did things differently. What actually they should understand is that the more open they are to understanding their mistakes and learning from them, the more closer they will get to winning. The hilarious part of the above fact is if a person is doing things differently and he is continuously failing, he will start questioning his intellect even if the idea implemented by him was a brilliant one and nothing better could have been thought of in the present scenario and will start believing that “Doing things differently is surely his Mistake”.
For the real Phrase they should be following is “Try try and thou shall succeed”
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