Humane Touch of Thoughts

I always wondered why people said "think from your heart and act from your head."I always thought with my head and acted with my heart , did i jumbled up the meaning of the above two sentences , indeed i did and this is what i wish to understand.But how am i to understand it by barely writing a few lines ???
Let me clear a few fundamentals which i adhere to while penning this post first of all i have learn't when things or to be precise thoughts are not clear then write them down words give meaning to your thoughts , an existence which is real rather than a metaphysical entity, projecting from a mind which tends to penetrate its significance not by chance but by instincts and most of the time the mind blocks those instincts , making the metaphysical existence completely non existent.
I always thought i had a more dramatic insight into things because i always approached their existential behavior understood them with the perception of mind and saw the real meaning of their existence. And that was what made me understand them , enabled me to extend their abilities to the limits they themselves never understood.So in all this, where does the role of heart come into picture? That was my perpetual behavior till date at understanding things and behaviors and to putting into play scenarios which would eventually help others.
But now as i am writing this post, the thoughts which should have evolved from my head are
originating from my heart(heart is a symbolic representation of head + emotions), i always thought i cannot empathize with an individual in misery, i was of the understanding that he is
himself responsible for it and should try to come out of it with his own abilities and if he couldn't he is at the right spot. I still believe it but my understanding is hexed by a notion that if that person seeks help from others to come out of his misery then he should be helped.
This is the emotional side of the understanding which i was carrying over the 1/4th period of my life but never understood because i never gave it a chance over my head and it eventually went deep inside me only to resurface now , reasons of which i have partially understood and shall learn as i grow intellectually.I call it the Humane Touch of Thoughts where your mind and heart work in conjunction to make this world a better place firstly for you and then for the individuals directly or indirectly placed in your environment.
Here i wish to add that my head is telling me i am doing an incorrect thing by exposing the intricate details of my understandings but my instincts tell me that you already have been closed so open up.Open up your heart and mind and let the world know the true you, after all you are a human. So what ever you do do it with your head and heart, isn't it that what makes us who we are.


amit said...

i'll just say "its nice".

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