Flipping through the pages
I thought of the the beautiful daisies
The snow flakes and the iceman i would make
That's the beauty of hope no one can take.
Outside everything was covered in snow
And in the far west the sun still glowed
I pondered over the half filled glass as an optimist
I cannot let myself be bonded and feel like a sadist.

What should i do to make me happy
Enlightened i rose and walked out in the snow
I was going to make my imagination come true
All i carried was a red hat and an ice-cream cone
Gathering the snow and piling it as a round ball
And then another smaller one was installed
Further the humanoid features took shape
And finally my iceman was ready to skate.

I just wanted it to come to life
A miracle that everything, defies
Life doesn't give you everything
And every wish cannot be fulfilled.
All we could do is hope for the best
And let everything in time, rest
But hope is definitely a very good thing
It soothes your pain and spreads happiness akin.

But strange are the ways of people !!!

Sometimes things seem so strange , you don't want to move on a path . You wonder what are you doing with your life ?? Isn't it the same old question we have been asking ourselves over and over again about our existence , the usefulness of our existence and the injustice brought about to us by the choices we have made. But once a friend told me "Life is a never ending learning process" it teaches you enough to live your life and if you are not a good learner you learn by getting hurt , seemingly in the similar fashion as we were punished for not completing our homework in school days.
As the time passes we think we have grown and matured , we have control over every thing that exists in our environment.But what we ignore is the presence of the variables in this equation that governs our existence , the variables are the other people whose choices and decisions catalytically change the course of your life. I have thrived to perceive the good in people and never cared what wrong accompanied them and have had the understanding if any wrong was to come that would eventually not stand in the way of my goodness but now i suppose i have been presumptuous of certain things. Indeed i am not going to change the way i think but precaution is never hazardous , I still remember somebody told me once that "Expectation is the root cause of human suffering, the more you expect, the more you are wronged or indeed you feel you have been wronged". But as a human being and in the pretext of social existence how could you not expect ??
Social epistemology has always intrigued me , with behavioral patterns coming up at the top of the list,that makes me wonder why does an individual makes a certain choice.Strange i would say i have come across people who have changed the course of their actions under the influence of certain other individual . What makes you tick ?? Your mind or what people believe is right. I suppose that's a very demeaning question as most of you would wonder have i gone insane , who doesn't want to satisfy the society,after all we are a part of it and have to imbibe it's basis rules into our lives for getting accepted in to the society.I believe i have always been a rebellion , i wanted to live differently , mostly on the rules of right and wrong i had defined for myself. But time killed that inhibition and i was turned into a normal teetotaler who lived for the society and by the rules of the society.So what does indifference mean ?? Does it mean to become a troglodyte?? No indeed not ... and why would anyone abandon a system that provides so much potential for the growth of an individual ?? Being an individualist and standing for your beliefs cannot be justifiably wrong then why is the society too obsessed by the existence of individualists, why are there social rules to bind them ?? "I" is one word that i have been obsessed about since the day i started believing in myself but it has been challenging to sustain my ego, 'why so??' most of you would again wonder but i would say sustaining you existence is the most difficult of tasks when everyone in your environment thinks that they can outplay you, trick you in their own game is an easy and rightful way of dealing with you .
So what needs to be done ?? Again a very relativistic question which has a different answer from every person. But strange are the ways of people !!! And its really difficult to interpret each and every thing.Once in an article a physiologist suggested that people tend to observe everything in their surrounding and its a neural cortex reflex to capture every action in your environment and you trap that visual in your sub conscience mind and always go back to it when analysising a situation and you realize that you already had an experience but you tend to conscientiously ignore it as it was insignificant in the context of the situation. So its important to take control of your mind in dealing with real life situations and when you think that you are open to wrong but then again wont the life be meaningless if every thing would be as perfect as it should be..... Think.


She was standing in the corridor
I still remember how i was intrigued
Those long legs and the high heels
And the caricature which was such a deal.

She walked slowly into my heart
Like a dart hitting on the spot.
Stopping it was out of question,
She was so sweet i didn't have option.

Is she a girl or an angel
This is a mystery still entangled
I tried to figure it out
But all i could create was doubt.

I thought,will she ever know i like her ?
Will she ever care i was there ??
So i decided to make a mark on her life
And tattooed her name with a knife.

Although she noticed it without gesture
All this seems so stupid, she lectured
But i am madly in love with you,I said
And am willing to go beyond the conventions portrayed.

But she was an angel and me a human
My heart bleed but she was nowhere
She was gone and i learnt,somethings are never meant to be,
No matter how genuinely hard you tried for it.
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