Head and Heart

Random thoughts fill up my mind
Yet they seem one of a kind
My head tells me 'apply logic'
but heart says 'it's so tragic'
My head asked my heart
why are you so down to earth ??
The heart replied "I dont have anything applied".
"I just go by the flow,it's my nature to glow ".
But what of the people that have hurt you
Dont you wish to denounce them & make them feel so.

The heart replied it's your nature to pick up a fight,
The grey matter has blocked your sight.
You are so entangled in the meshy web,
That you dont see beauty in the ebb.
The head could not take the humiliation,
It decided to stop working for a generation.
Wonder it never made the heart see the truth
for it knew that heart can never be a sleuth.

With the head gone,the heart was open to wrong,
No one cared where it belonged.
People played with it as they liked,
And then the heart realized what the head had tried?
Thinking only with your heart is a bad experience indeed
For the heart is eventually meant to bleed.
The heart realized it was a big mistake
And requested the head to partake.
The life returned to normal
And the head and heart were never that formal.

I wish to fly

The sky was clear,
but the sun was no where near
I gazed into the sky,
for I wished to fly.

Oh god please turn me into a bird
but there is nothing i could say in a word
It's stars i seek
but the bounds denied to shriek.

How much should i run,
the paths would always turn.
The destination seems to be at hand
but when i reach there it's merely sand.

I wish to outsmart time
and reach my aim with a dime.
And for this reason i wish to fly,
so that my destination shall always comply.

Words and Wine

Think of words and make them rhythm
But people say they sound like chimes
A gust of wind that flows through the vines
And it carries the fragrance that’s hard to define.
A set of alphabets you see
Like the saplings in a nursery
But when they combine sentences are formed
Like the mighty trenches that wait to to be transformed.

Now the figure of speech has to play it's role
Beautifying the sentences that our voice bestows
Similar to the spring that brings with it a moment of hope,
The trenches shall soon be filled with grapes.
Further the eloquence and pitch come into the picture
They are the processes that give value to the sentence structure
This is similar to the way grapes are turned into wine
An integral part of how things are refined.

Then the wine is put in corked barrels
Similarly the words are penned down by laurels
What’s more common between them than time?
Both get important down the line.
But picturesque is the moment when both are together,
As both get down your nerve altogether.
It is the moment of a lifetime,
When a glass of wine and words chime.

Ultimate Pleasure

I looked out of the window and tried to gaze,
what i was looking for seemed out of phase.
The fog was covering the earth
and it seemed, the nature wanted a new birth.

Just then i saw the first rays reach us from the East,
Ahhh it was such a feast.
The fog started to melt and the greenery started to sway,
It felt as if they also wanted to get away.

It was the sight of life claiming it's territory
And things to me felt so iteratory
Every bud that turned to a flower
Enhanced the charm of the spring into natural power.

It seemed as the divine has descended the heavens
Only to be present in these ravens
And a brisk breeze whispered to me,Oh grazer!!
What you are looking at is the ultimate pleasure.

Mountain River

I sat with a mesmerizing shock
High up on the rock
A mountain river flowed by
Continually hitting the rock where my blossom lie.

I saw the water
Purer than the one at altar
Challenging the might of the stone
That i was using as a throne.

Pure and free were the escennece of the stream
And as a Scorpion i intended to dream
Don't our emotions flow like this
A stream of thoughts seeking bliss.

Collection of droplets make this vision possible,
Together we are and nothing impossible.
No fear could stand in our way
In front of our flow they say.

They intend to take every thing away
but its not fear they portray.
Life is synonymous with their speed
but dare not wish for it with greed.

But as far as i could see from the rock,
their was nothing in their way that could have taken the shock.
Beginners luck as most of you would believe!!!
As might of the mountain river is hard to concieve.

Yet things start to change,
With every descend the things get strange.
Now the mountain river has reached the plains
It's time for it to settle down , nature proclaims.

But water has a unique property.
Coherence is at its liberty.
It changes form on nature's plea
Begins with a tiny droplet and ends at sea.
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