Words and Wine

Think of words and make them rhythm
But people say they sound like chimes
A gust of wind that flows through the vines
And it carries the fragrance that’s hard to define.
A set of alphabets you see
Like the saplings in a nursery
But when they combine sentences are formed
Like the mighty trenches that wait to to be transformed.

Now the figure of speech has to play it's role
Beautifying the sentences that our voice bestows
Similar to the spring that brings with it a moment of hope,
The trenches shall soon be filled with grapes.
Further the eloquence and pitch come into the picture
They are the processes that give value to the sentence structure
This is similar to the way grapes are turned into wine
An integral part of how things are refined.

Then the wine is put in corked barrels
Similarly the words are penned down by laurels
What’s more common between them than time?
Both get important down the line.
But picturesque is the moment when both are together,
As both get down your nerve altogether.
It is the moment of a lifetime,
When a glass of wine and words chime.


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