Ultimate Pleasure

I looked out of the window and tried to gaze,
what i was looking for seemed out of phase.
The fog was covering the earth
and it seemed, the nature wanted a new birth.

Just then i saw the first rays reach us from the East,
Ahhh it was such a feast.
The fog started to melt and the greenery started to sway,
It felt as if they also wanted to get away.

It was the sight of life claiming it's territory
And things to me felt so iteratory
Every bud that turned to a flower
Enhanced the charm of the spring into natural power.

It seemed as the divine has descended the heavens
Only to be present in these ravens
And a brisk breeze whispered to me,Oh grazer!!
What you are looking at is the ultimate pleasure.


amit khandelwal said...

Yo man!!!!!!
good going.....a New AVATAR of Mr. Abhinav Rastogi!!!!
keep going!!!

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