Mountain River

I sat with a mesmerizing shock
High up on the rock
A mountain river flowed by
Continually hitting the rock where my blossom lie.

I saw the water
Purer than the one at altar
Challenging the might of the stone
That i was using as a throne.

Pure and free were the escennece of the stream
And as a Scorpion i intended to dream
Don't our emotions flow like this
A stream of thoughts seeking bliss.

Collection of droplets make this vision possible,
Together we are and nothing impossible.
No fear could stand in our way
In front of our flow they say.

They intend to take every thing away
but its not fear they portray.
Life is synonymous with their speed
but dare not wish for it with greed.

But as far as i could see from the rock,
their was nothing in their way that could have taken the shock.
Beginners luck as most of you would believe!!!
As might of the mountain river is hard to concieve.

Yet things start to change,
With every descend the things get strange.
Now the mountain river has reached the plains
It's time for it to settle down , nature proclaims.

But water has a unique property.
Coherence is at its liberty.
It changes form on nature's plea
Begins with a tiny droplet and ends at sea.


Moody said...

bawaal londe...pehli baar kuch samajh aya mujhe to tere post mein...
londa shayar ban gaya writer se..
arz kiya hai gaur farmaiye ga
londa shayar ban gaya writer se...
bata-e-akhtar tu kahan bhaagega!!
wah wah!

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