Planned Life or Life's Plan

Planned life and Life' plan will seem to be different entities but they eventually end on one thing US and the direct repercussions can be on us and our environment alike.

It has been long since I last blogged but as we cannot foresee the unpredictable nature of life, so did I fail to see where it was heading. I say unpredictable because I never planned any of it in my last one year and anything and everything I planned eventually failed. Actually I would like to put it as the saying goes that when one door closes lot many come in the offering but I was actually thinking of sneaking out of the windows for I believe that if doors cannot be used use the most probable and possible exit .

But what we foolishly or to say ignorantly don’t check is whether the door is closed or locked for if it is just closed there are possibilities to open it but if its locked then the dependency is on the key , and I say dependencies are not too reliable. That was some practical and hypothetical interpretation of the learning of my life as I put it and the opinions on this could vary but I have actually started believing in life’s plan for us.

These are the hardest times any individual / professional could face. So many lives are changed, dreams shattered moreover altered, desires suppressed because life didn’t go as we planned it actually it doesn’t often but when you are used to being in control, you feel betrayed and you put a question mark on your abilities. I have seen people with virtues to be the best they think they could, crib in such desperate times. But does that change anything, you will remain the pathetic you if you crib. I believe that life has its own plan for us which is directed and controlled by our own choices but when life sees that we are deviating from its plan it creates another game plan and forces it onto us. And we as miserable creatures have to adapt to it in such times. I don’t undermine anyone’s ability to outperform life’s plan but I believe that plan was there so that they could identify their true ability and workout a method to defeat it. Very optimistic as most of you would say and lot of you will go ahead and say that you are questioning the ability of individuals for survival. But please don’t be offended it’s just the change in thought process that I have realized and acknowledged. What needs to be done has to be done, you cannot quit, life is ahead of you but it’s better to sneak into its plan before it’s too late and the next time you are in difficulty or something you wanted never made it to you then believe in yourself and the pattern of life which means to provide you opportunities better than you yourself can imagine.

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