Adaptability and Flexibility

I had an innate urge to write something for a few days but I was short of time.So today after a hectic week I got a holiday which I utilized for sleeping for the entire day and when the insomniac tendencies were on the high I thought why not write something futile.
What should I start with? Having abandoned the domain of life sciences in my previous post I wont shed out any gyan on life.For i would just say go out,get going and live Life to the fullest.So what should I write about now??
Let me try this, this was one of the abilities I realized I possessed during the days of training.I have been a stage shy person and have difficulty in grasping the fact that i could even write a skit, direct it and enact in it.This was an alien domain to me, ask me to shed light on a technical topic or behavioral patterns and I would go on for hours and finally you would have to ask me to stop , "it was OK that we asked" would be your remark.But ask me to act and you would see a confident person getting butterflies in his stomach,it is easy to preach than act and stage is one such platform where you have to act and preach alike.
I always thought that's a difficult job with someone so disabled in creative ideas and having sense of humor that the worst in a group could be praised above me , I always thought that i am feebly inappropriate in that department.But lo and behold with every skit i wrote i gained confidence i was improving. My scripts were carrying the exact message that we were to deliver and the trainer was appreciating the directness and i couldn't believe it ,was i naive in my thinking or are there people with worst humor than mine were the few questions that i was asking myself.I don't see failure in people or shortcomings in their character.I am selfish enough to learn the best skills they possess so feeling negative was out of question because that would have highly hampered my thought process and value system. I have learned a lot about myself in this past year and in fact i am realizing it now that most of the intellectual people told us that the best way to overcome this harsh phase, which was worse than the '98 slowdown and the bursting of the dot com bubble,would be to introspect ,learn and grow.And i suppose it all went as they said it but i am a bit dumb at realizing this fact.As they say the sooner the better,so my ignorant self has suddenly grown conscience of my surrounding.Having learnt to appreciate life and the abilities one possesses has been a great achievement on my part and this need not be your opinion but i have learnt and understood that beauty of life could be seen and appreciated in all proportions and you should be open to learning and doing whatever comes your way. As they say it, "Adaptability and Flexibility are the greatest virtues of a man today".

Who Cares!! Get a LIfe .....

From the past few days i have seen a lot of people writing and wondering over what life means to them and what is wrong or right with this life.It seems that in due course of time we would have to role out degrees for specialisation in Life.
I am no expert at Life and neither i wish to be one , i believe that living and facing the challenges is far more wonderful than analysing how life is going or what it would have been with all those ifs and buts. Apparently lot of you would say that in the harder times i was also whining about the same thing but with the growth in the thought process and observing a trend in people to analyse life and pondering over the issues as problems in the hardest time they believe they are facing , I came to realise that we seek God and curse life only when we are having difficulties is grasping the life's truth and divine plan.We as humans have always cried over the spilled milk and still we continue to do the same thing.I have learnt that facing life with a smile is all you need to overcome the greatest of all miseries that life posts for us.With every low there is a possibility of greater height.Don't we realize that for a greater leap we have to take a head start not by going forward but by moving a few steps backwards but again what is important is not that we are going back but the target , the ultimate aim for which we are taking the leap and it should be always visible to us.The clarity and truthfulness you embed in your life, the more successful you would be and these attributes are not for the world but for you.
People come and go away from our life and we fail to realise the ultimate truth.I have realized that we meet certain individuals for a brief span of time and get the message they were there to convey , the possibility is that we may never meet them again but that is the life's plan of telling us how we could improve . Life always send us messages , signals and symbols in various forms through its vessels and then what do we do??? The choice is ours either to understand the message or ignore it and crib about the loss of vessel.
We crib all the time, for we want every thing good to happen to us but logically that is not viable.Why do we fail to see the other side of the picture , every thing is accompanied with positive and negative energies.I would like to ask you a question why do we have tears in our eyes after we have had a great laugh ??? I suppose that is the question we should look out for when we say why has this bad happened to me. Was i the only one that was supposed to suffer??
But ignorantly we are too engrossed in our situation that we fail to see meaning in small things happening around us, and with a conscientious effort we could see that life happens all around us.
And here i would like to thank someone who brought about this change in perception about small yet vital things happening around us and seeking clues and happiness from them.
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