Listen to your Heart : Take on unexpected Path

How do we feel when we see a mystery unfold in front of us ?? Is it the feeling of joy, curiosity or sadness as the mystery would never be mystery again and would never intrigue us as it always did before revelation.Whatever may be the emotion (as emotions are not the only thing that drives human behavior) but this unfolding makes mark onto the onlooker.He feels pride for being intellectual , to have unraveled the secret and bringing to the world the true nature of the things.
There are different kinds of curious people and their pursuit of knowledge leads through different paths only to reach one destination, answers or knowledge or information as i put it in the modern context. So what are they doing to walk their paths ?? They choose a field of interest , its like there are hundreds of roads leading up the mountain and you choose to take the path where you would get to walk through an orchid,it is just our choice , yes choices make a lot of difference.So finally when we say we have decided the field of interest , we need to put in our efforts to pursue excellence in that field .And how exactly do we do that ???
I would say by observation and interpretation,look out for opportunities and if you think that there are none available then create a few for yourself.This is not being hypothetical or insane , but lets say you see an orchid in the path which is completely fenced and it would take effort to get in , and then you realize that the trees are not bearing any fruit as it is still not spring.So what options do you have considering that it was your dream to visit the orchid,there are few things that one could do,wait for the spring and come down to the orchid later or console himself that he has seen the orchid and there was no need to get in it as it looked the same from outside or dare to get inside roam around , try to learn from the surroundings. Probably he may find some grafting going on , for cross breeding , or you may find a setup for beekeeping and honey harvesting or he may find a beautiful fountain at the center of the orchid, there are endless possibilities.But all one needs to do is make choices , yes choice, to move on a path , choice to explore anything and every thing that gets along your way and above all one needs to enjoy the journey and the triumph of reaching his destination alike.
And I believe if you have distinct idea as to what you want in life , the biggest puzzle , yes our life seems to be a piece of cake.So enjoy the feast and get going unraveling the mysteries that lie in your path.


I am clueless , the pace with which things are happening around me , are making me feel trapped and lost in a jungle. The jungle is the same one which I once thought of dwelling in and creating my world but now it feels as if i am trapped in it. The virtual behavior of thoughts seems to be more of an illusion than an opportunity to escape this trap.
What could one do than to blame his thought process for such a blunder , I no longer understand what is right and wrong and that i suppose is the result of flexibility, you provide to your heart, to interfere with your mind.Playing by the rules with sincerity has always been taught to you but what if things don't work out.Patience my friend , a lot of people would suggest, "Patience is the art of hoping, and hope for the best".But how could one be patient when he on account of this patience has lost the battles that could have been won.And then we crib that life is very unfair to us, why me , what have i done wrong. Why cannot i be happy , why cannot i get what i want to make myself happy... are the numerous questions that fill up the void we have developed in our mind due to this grief.So is it pain that hurts?? no it is us who on account of self destructive urge create a shell of sorrow to protect us from even greater harm we think that this jungle will infringe on us.
Then when you think that the battle is almost lost you discover a new world, a new beginning that is in infancy and promises a lot of potential prospects for your dream world and you believe that this is it. The greater plan that life was planning for you , and you embrace it with both hands not realizing that we as humans are incapable of escape.Be nice , be good ,believe in higher powers is taught to us by every religion (a system of control as far as i am concerned).And we embrace the change to be further trapped into the mud hole.
"I want escape " you keep shouting but who would help you,every one around you is facing the same marshy trapped situation like yours , some know it others are ignorant(Ignorance is bliss , it eases your pain) but facing all this with ignorance is no solution.Yes this is being optimistic, what else could your miserable self do ?? I have no answers for these weird questions , i only hope that there are some clues hidden in the jungle that would eventually lead the way and get one through and the one is provided with a lot of patience and strong will to get through or else he may be lost forever.
"And every one says you need to speak for yourself" was the exclamation that filled my head at any meeting where i was unheard , so typical of me and a lot of egoistic people who seem to believe that truth starts at the juncture they think appropriate. But today i met EXPERIENCE,yes it is one of the most valued asset of any professional and i for the first time saw loosing my self in front of it ,i was looking for corners to hide myself . I didn't understood what happened to me but i saw panic gripping my entire body and yet my mind was sporting an opposition.Thank god i always rely on my mind for my professional goals and eventually i was able to make my point and attain some respect in the eyes of my opponent.

The above statements are not meant to be conclusive they are a snippet of an encounter of a professional with his manager which concluded in a mutual yes for both the parties.But trying to draw conclusions out of it would be illogical.As both of them think that they have outsmarted the other , the manager would believe that he handled a situation pretty well by drowning the enthusiasm of the individual by half agreeing to him and half repressing him whereas the individual would believe that he was although partially heard but would eventually be called to express himself later.
So all in all both of them mutually accepted that this is inconclusive and both are winners(normally its a draw but egoistic minds),so it always takes the third person to analyse who the winner is and here i would like to add that the winner is never the party involved but the person who sits on the side line and learns from the stupidity of those involved.
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