And I Thought.....

Human expressions have been an essential tutor to my evolving thought process and when i look back now , i feel it has changed drastically.For better or worse is another question , but the interesting part is how. Have i matured from my naive self into a person who has considerable understanding of life ?? That would indeed be an overstatement , when I recall a few observations I made a few days ago.
I had seen men confiding in men, women confiding in men and vice - verse but this was something astonishing and a certain phenomenon which i had never observed in the process of learning and exploring emotions.Have you ever seen women confiding in women, moving out when they had crush over a single individual since their friend wanted a chance ?? Watch them and you would say are they real sisters , their behavior so similar in expression to their counterparts.
What would men do when they fall in love with the same girl ?? The repercussions are different in different cases but lets say they are very good friends , I would presume that one would walk out and let the other have a better chance , as men being logical assume that competing amongst themselves would eventually drop their probability of getting the girl to mere 50 %. Let's have our friend have 100% opportunity they would say. Did you ever find any girl do that ??
I never did , women fight it out and they have serene and sensual weapons to do that , clothes,shoes , accessories ,cosmetics and charm to persuade the man they love. The competition to achieve what they have set their sight on is quite vital for their existence.
And then I found a set of individuals who confide in each other , their groupism so in tandem to the male behavior that would even shy men, i would term their bonding as "SisterHood" . Friendship where nothing is at stake , something so sacred existed that i was tempted to understand it. But then i felt that my understanding of life was so naive, being an advocate of women liberalization and expression of free will , how did i assume that women are incapable of any behavior or emotion that we would expect men to demonstrate.And then I thought .... If it was not this way wouldn't I cease to learn and experience such beautiful expressions in my environment.

Turning Point

Turning Point was an amazing science show hosted by Girish Karnard and was broad casted in , i must say,the most coveted days of Doordarshan and had the fan following like any of the MTV shows hosted by Nikhil or Ranvijay today.I was a frequent watcher as this show answered the basic curiosities of "Why and How" and taught me some of the most amazing science tricks. Creating these simple tricks manifest in real had altogether inspired me to be an innovator , a creator and still today I price this instinct above any thing else i learned during my life.

Well don't worry this blog is not about that show but the effect it left and the perception which the show imbibed in me and the way i relate to it in the modern era of technology.

How does it feel to be a creator ??? I suppose all of us have an innate desire to create something. I could say this not because i am assuming it,but that is the conclusion i have drawn over the years of interacting with Individuals,i say individuals because i believe that the property to progressive evolution could come from a single mind whether for self or for the society and when such like minded individuals meet a progressive group is formed.So i was saying that i have interacted with individuals and drawn conclusion that they desire to create be it a software, a house for self or family,a group to cater to the social and political needs of the society or simply a successful career. Whether does this desire springs from? Are we born with it or do we learn it ? This is an open ended question and i don't suppose we would like to go into the controversial topic of nature and nurture to justify whether its something genetic or assimilated from the environment. I would like to add another angle to it, I believe it has something to do with our desire to be in control and be successful,yes the pleasure of creating is indeed remarkable and sometimes it definitely takes our head off the heels.What you feel is a mix of pleasure , power and satisfaction and it creates a belief in you that you are all powerful to do anything you like.

Most of the individuals i have met and talked this over, have been individuals who were complete control freaks , loved there life to turn out the way they had anticipated and took pleasure at astonishing themselves with the outcomes of life and their anticipation and calculating how close they rowed by their target. Still wondering how does all this add to the title 'Turning Point' .
It all does make sense , they are becoming victims of their inhibitions , lets say that "God created this world" and in the process of marveling over his own genius he forgot about its growth and development and that is when Adam and Eve were made victims of desire by Sebastian or Devil as we generally refer to him and look at what is happening to this world from that day on onwards , i believe it's crumbling and that was the turning point.Similarly with every creation there is a turning point which is controlled by the creator and if he grows ignorant of it then panic is created.And i believe,this is how it all goes.

The Eventualities of Time....

This is going to be a very special piece of blog for the people who have been part and parcel of my life in the past 5 yrs.I met them at my college hostel,made friends with them and life was never the same again , those sessions on technical discussions,life building plans,the get-together to discuss the most irrelevant things on this planet and the enthusiasm to fight back with life and show it who is the boss where things which did gave us hope of proving us to this world. But what we never saw coming was that the time we could have been together was spent in chasing dreams and when it was time to realize the dreams we all wouldn't be together. I am not saying that we are falling apart but we would be distantly placed , thanks to Internet and mobile communication that we would be able to keep in touch and update each other of our states but then physical presence is, for me, a mere necessity in any relationship.
This was probably the last weekend that we were able to enjoy the way we used to in the college days. Gathering together, cherishing the memories of the past ,discussing the present and the future , the late night movie shows , the jam sessions, going to places where we used to put up during the college days and gathering those memories but now i suppose certain things would change , Noida would not remain a cool place for me.Actually i am still fighting to understand the consequences but the uncertainty of the events falling in place is merely a coincidence now.
Although past year has been unpredictable and has unfolded in a way i never anticipated so i always keep my fingers crossed and hope that any thing or every thing would change for the betterment of me and my friends.But as every thing has a beginning and an end this phase is also ending,although it is a part of our lives yet lets see what unfolds from the Pandora's box.

P.S.:If something in your life has recently changed, it's time to embrace the newness of it all rather than worrying about what has ended. Look forward to a more interesting tomorrow.

Adaptability and Flexibility

I had an innate urge to write something for a few days but I was short of time.So today after a hectic week I got a holiday which I utilized for sleeping for the entire day and when the insomniac tendencies were on the high I thought why not write something futile.
What should I start with? Having abandoned the domain of life sciences in my previous post I wont shed out any gyan on life.For i would just say go out,get going and live Life to the fullest.So what should I write about now??
Let me try this, this was one of the abilities I realized I possessed during the days of training.I have been a stage shy person and have difficulty in grasping the fact that i could even write a skit, direct it and enact in it.This was an alien domain to me, ask me to shed light on a technical topic or behavioral patterns and I would go on for hours and finally you would have to ask me to stop , "it was OK that we asked" would be your remark.But ask me to act and you would see a confident person getting butterflies in his stomach,it is easy to preach than act and stage is one such platform where you have to act and preach alike.
I always thought that's a difficult job with someone so disabled in creative ideas and having sense of humor that the worst in a group could be praised above me , I always thought that i am feebly inappropriate in that department.But lo and behold with every skit i wrote i gained confidence i was improving. My scripts were carrying the exact message that we were to deliver and the trainer was appreciating the directness and i couldn't believe it ,was i naive in my thinking or are there people with worst humor than mine were the few questions that i was asking myself.I don't see failure in people or shortcomings in their character.I am selfish enough to learn the best skills they possess so feeling negative was out of question because that would have highly hampered my thought process and value system. I have learned a lot about myself in this past year and in fact i am realizing it now that most of the intellectual people told us that the best way to overcome this harsh phase, which was worse than the '98 slowdown and the bursting of the dot com bubble,would be to introspect ,learn and grow.And i suppose it all went as they said it but i am a bit dumb at realizing this fact.As they say the sooner the better,so my ignorant self has suddenly grown conscience of my surrounding.Having learnt to appreciate life and the abilities one possesses has been a great achievement on my part and this need not be your opinion but i have learnt and understood that beauty of life could be seen and appreciated in all proportions and you should be open to learning and doing whatever comes your way. As they say it, "Adaptability and Flexibility are the greatest virtues of a man today".

Who Cares!! Get a LIfe .....

From the past few days i have seen a lot of people writing and wondering over what life means to them and what is wrong or right with this life.It seems that in due course of time we would have to role out degrees for specialisation in Life.
I am no expert at Life and neither i wish to be one , i believe that living and facing the challenges is far more wonderful than analysing how life is going or what it would have been with all those ifs and buts. Apparently lot of you would say that in the harder times i was also whining about the same thing but with the growth in the thought process and observing a trend in people to analyse life and pondering over the issues as problems in the hardest time they believe they are facing , I came to realise that we seek God and curse life only when we are having difficulties is grasping the life's truth and divine plan.We as humans have always cried over the spilled milk and still we continue to do the same thing.I have learnt that facing life with a smile is all you need to overcome the greatest of all miseries that life posts for us.With every low there is a possibility of greater height.Don't we realize that for a greater leap we have to take a head start not by going forward but by moving a few steps backwards but again what is important is not that we are going back but the target , the ultimate aim for which we are taking the leap and it should be always visible to us.The clarity and truthfulness you embed in your life, the more successful you would be and these attributes are not for the world but for you.
People come and go away from our life and we fail to realise the ultimate truth.I have realized that we meet certain individuals for a brief span of time and get the message they were there to convey , the possibility is that we may never meet them again but that is the life's plan of telling us how we could improve . Life always send us messages , signals and symbols in various forms through its vessels and then what do we do??? The choice is ours either to understand the message or ignore it and crib about the loss of vessel.
We crib all the time, for we want every thing good to happen to us but logically that is not viable.Why do we fail to see the other side of the picture , every thing is accompanied with positive and negative energies.I would like to ask you a question why do we have tears in our eyes after we have had a great laugh ??? I suppose that is the question we should look out for when we say why has this bad happened to me. Was i the only one that was supposed to suffer??
But ignorantly we are too engrossed in our situation that we fail to see meaning in small things happening around us, and with a conscientious effort we could see that life happens all around us.
And here i would like to thank someone who brought about this change in perception about small yet vital things happening around us and seeking clues and happiness from them.

Planned Life or Life's Plan

Planned life and Life' plan will seem to be different entities but they eventually end on one thing US and the direct repercussions can be on us and our environment alike.

It has been long since I last blogged but as we cannot foresee the unpredictable nature of life, so did I fail to see where it was heading. I say unpredictable because I never planned any of it in my last one year and anything and everything I planned eventually failed. Actually I would like to put it as the saying goes that when one door closes lot many come in the offering but I was actually thinking of sneaking out of the windows for I believe that if doors cannot be used use the most probable and possible exit .

But what we foolishly or to say ignorantly don’t check is whether the door is closed or locked for if it is just closed there are possibilities to open it but if its locked then the dependency is on the key , and I say dependencies are not too reliable. That was some practical and hypothetical interpretation of the learning of my life as I put it and the opinions on this could vary but I have actually started believing in life’s plan for us.

These are the hardest times any individual / professional could face. So many lives are changed, dreams shattered moreover altered, desires suppressed because life didn’t go as we planned it actually it doesn’t often but when you are used to being in control, you feel betrayed and you put a question mark on your abilities. I have seen people with virtues to be the best they think they could, crib in such desperate times. But does that change anything, you will remain the pathetic you if you crib. I believe that life has its own plan for us which is directed and controlled by our own choices but when life sees that we are deviating from its plan it creates another game plan and forces it onto us. And we as miserable creatures have to adapt to it in such times. I don’t undermine anyone’s ability to outperform life’s plan but I believe that plan was there so that they could identify their true ability and workout a method to defeat it. Very optimistic as most of you would say and lot of you will go ahead and say that you are questioning the ability of individuals for survival. But please don’t be offended it’s just the change in thought process that I have realized and acknowledged. What needs to be done has to be done, you cannot quit, life is ahead of you but it’s better to sneak into its plan before it’s too late and the next time you are in difficulty or something you wanted never made it to you then believe in yourself and the pattern of life which means to provide you opportunities better than you yourself can imagine.

Cherish Your Freedom

I have really been touched by the news this past month of the political turmoil in Iran. The protests and demands for freedom by the Iranian people have both moved and inspired me, probably in the same way that many have been inspired by the labors of those who became the founding fathers of the United States. There are many countries that still fight for even the smallest liberties that many of us of take for granted. Did you know,that out of 103 countries of the world, 43 are still not free? And that actually equals over a third of our world population!

In some of these countries, the population is kept in the dark, denied education and healthcare, and often left in a constant state of fear for life and limb. In others, women are denied education and live an extremely oppressed existence. And in still others, entire tribes or races are the victims of genocide. If what I am writing seems too terrible to think about, well it is terrible! I have to admit that, when I compare my life to the lives of people in countries who still struggle under the yoke of oppression, all of my personal cares and concerns seem very small indeed.

I certainly don't want to imply,that we should feel guilty about the freedoms we benefit from. On the contrary, we should be joyful and grateful for the many liberties we enjoy each and every day, because any of us could have been born in a country where we might never experience the independence and free will we have now.

We enjoy a number of very precious liberties, including the right to speak freely without fear of being arrested, the right to a free press, the right to practice the religion of your choice, the right to a full education, and the right to vote for your candidate of choice. And because these freedoms have been practiced for a long time, it has become an accepted and expected way of living. I just wanted to take this opportunity in lieu of the turmoil going on in our world to say how fortunate those of us who do benefit from such freedoms actually are.

"Freedom" may be a small word, but it carries a huge significance, especially for those who are still fighting for it and for those to whom it is nothing more than a dim hope. I am sure you will agree that we should greet each new day with a sense of humility and gratitude for the privileges and liberties we continue to enjoy, and that we should never take our freedom for granted.


I was traveling to Delhi on the day when news paper carried a story of Mr.Nandan Nilekani resigning from the board of Infosys in order to dawn the character of a visionary leader as the head of the proposed single ID card development department.
I was , in those days , pretty busy with my own life which was i would say undergoing "QUARTER LIFE CRISIS" and i had no thoughts other than my life's , which had gone hay-wired.But that's a different story.Incidentally i had stopped reading newspaper for a few days now, thanks to google news,but on a train its pretty difficult even now to access google,I suppose we may have to wait for 3G services to be fully operational before we could actually get google on a train.So the newspaper was the last escape from the chatter box sitting just next to me, please don't get ideas ,she was not talking to me but with her boyfriend and that to on her mobile and i was wondering ,when will her balance end so that she may turn silent,but that was not to happen,not on this journey.So coming back onto the news I read it said that Nandan Nilekani will head the team that will initiate the development and implementation of this project and Infosys is the biggest contender in order to bag the tenders for development.The Newspaper said that this project should be considered a milestone project similar to the DMRC (Delhi Metro) that would change the way India is looked upon and Nandan Nlekani would be parallel to the greats like Mr. E. Sreedharan, Managing Director, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, who is credited for the zeal with which Metro Rail in Delhi has developed.
But what the newspaper didn't tell us is that this highly anticipated project will be funded by the world bank and governments strategy of putting a respected corporate leader like Nandan Nilekani , as the chief of the project is merely a stunt to add credibility to the government projects.Why add credibility to the government project is Indian government not self capable??
That is not the point, the high level of corruption in bureaucracy and the Satyam scam are more than enough to be cautious with the system and since internationally there has been so much financial crisis, they are definitely unwilling to put stakes where there is a possibility of risk.
Then the second point which cannot be ignored is that we have hundreds of people trying to get a passport as a valid legal document of there existence and their citizenship of our country and they pay around 1500 to 3500 bucks in order to get that then what is the need to start something new do we in the wake of so many crisis either financial,social or terrorism , have time to invest in the infrastructure in order to develop single ID for all the citizens.
Why don't we try something like this lets say passport is a valid legal document nationally and internationally and people are willing to pay in order to get this document then why don't we make it mandatory for everyone to get a passport. Will this not be better than investing in a new infrastructure , creating a system an independent organization and bearing the salary burden of unnecessary people.secondly if you are so interested in a smart card technology then also add a card to the passport and demolish every other identity proof that exists in this country.

What I am seeing is not a mere act of growth for the country but the ministry and bureaucracy in terms of money which may be lost to the country as black money. What these people don' t understand is that it is their nation and they should make it the roaring and leaping tiger similar to the flying Eagle rather than a crouching tiger that is tired of the unethical behavior of its citizens.

The Faculty of Perception:A Mith or Reality

I just went through the 'blogs i follow ' list and was amazed at the extent of creativity people could go to and then i was wondering maybe that was no creativity that was reality , yes i know i sound like an atheist who denies the existence of god but believe me i am not trying to be one.
Am i a pessimist or optimist do i see the glass half fill or half empty , everyone says its our perception of reality that gives a meaningful existence to us and our environment. We assess ourselves and that is how we change our existence,to be optimized on the terms of our value system.So what is the value system, may be some institution like marriage that legalizes a moral concept or a hard core rule book that defines how we should live. Again its very hard to define something that has no physical existence , its like a form shifter ,yes something that changes with changing perception.Is it really hard to digest what i am pointing out.
I am trying to make a point by saying that what may be reality to a few may be an act of fiction to others and believe me it is not coming out of a movie , its live yes its happening all around us but we in the ignorance of our quest for happy life don't recognize the simple mysteries and the education, life is imparting us.We are just turning our back onto reality and are moving onto the verge of being ignorant of the tools that could perhaps comprehend this reality into knowledge.
'Knowledge is power' yet we run after power all our lives, yes power it doesn't only pertain to its literal meaning, it's symbolic of success and everything else a human wants in its life. Ain't he deluded , actually the faculty of perception deceives them it tells them that power is everything , its visible, even it forms a handsome mirror image that too a powerful one but the knowledge is hidden from naked eye and lost to most of us and then someone like Lord Mahavira or Lord Buddha or as a matter of fact any of those great souls that walked this earth have to seek it for us to be lost again in the human faculty of perception.

ShoeD: The Shoed Democracy

I have been asked to be very simple in my posts and try to bring out the essence of the topic in a bit easier fashion.So although i don't think that i write so disturbing thoughts that people don't get them but still since the request has been from one of my most wonderful senior,whom i respect a lot ,it cannot be ignored.
Since we are living in the world's largest democracy , I suppose everyone has the write to express themselves .This fact is well justified when one goes across the pages of the most sacred book in the Indian Politics , yes our CONSTITUTION drafted and proposed under Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. We even celebrate the Republic day in order to commemorate the occasion of us being legally civilized, by that I mean as a population and respected citizen of the country we ought to behave civilized and abide by the constitution which gives the definition of our rights and duties.
Yes we are very aware of the rights the right to education,equality,freedom and above all the right to free speech and the right to vote and select our representatives in the governments but what we may intend to ignore is that the constitution puts a few restriction on us in order to ensure peace in the society and the coexisting societies.Ok .. this again seems to be going a way off track and i need to consolidate my thoughts or else i may end up writing something wierd.
It is the shoes i am talking about yes the same shoe that flung past President Bush's face and then it was the turn of Indian Home Minister Mr.P.Chidambram followed by Mr Jindal and finally the BJP's PM candidate and senior leader Mr.L.K.Advani. This act is a very shameful one and hampers the image of our country as a civilized peace loving nation.When you have the bigger tool,yes your vote to show these polititians what they deserve then why use a shoe to express your anger.The politics is too corrupt and no one wishes to dirty his hands while cleaning this mess up but a SHOE , it needs a revolutionary movement on solid ground to rebuild this nation as the leaders and freedom fighters had thought when they fought to free this country .
We are far better than the people who appreciate the tantrum in the form of a SHOE,we are civilized and above all we are the democratic republic which is based on love , trust and equality.
So why be carried away with the trend from another country , You have the power and your Vote could bring a difference .So bring that change rather than shoeing this Democracy.


I don't know why i am up so late but i don't feel like sleeping , although when you have your life at stake you don't feel like sleeping at least not me.So should i be writing a blog, do i have that much of free time to devote to a blog.Again my answer would be i don't know why i am up so late and why i wish to blog.
This is supposedly my hobby and i enjoy it and for the sake of enjoying my hobby, i am blogging.But why should i bore people with this stuff.I have had an intriguing session of intellectual talk over professionalism in IT with one of my seniors and his points were justified,as a matter of fact that is what I shared with people undergoing such crisis as lack of professionalism etc., and they agreed to me when i lectured them. In the mean time i was wondering whether I was sounding that philosophical or more of an enthusiast who himself is trapped into a mud hole and has no where to go,yet he is trying desperately to stay cool and get out of these shabby waters either by pulling some strings or by swimming. And believe me for a situation like this you need a divine intervention.
So what would i be doing? I am out of job at the moment , my company has done its largest acquisition till date and has become a top IT company in the country which may further mean that we stay on hold for a longer time or we may be rushed into the sick units of the acquired company as we are trained by the mother company (that sounds a bit childish and I wrote it for I felt like mentioning).
But this not ends the list of thoughts juggling in my mind for there space as if they have soared as the population of the country and there is no stopping it. Weird now i couldn't think of anything else just why am i writing this blog when i have so much pending work, yes don't be astonished. If I am out of job it don't mean I am not working and that is what is keeping me afloat in the present recession crisis,which seemingly are dying out either to fade away in people's memory, like mine, or to strike back like a storm and cause greater devastation.

(P.S.: Don't think over issues which are long dead and buried. Start Afresh.)

Statement Of Purpose for Nirma University

Why would you like to do Master of Business Administration?

Bo Bennett said, “Every minute you spend in your life is either spent bringing you closer to your goals or moving you away from your goals”. After doing my B.Tech and gaining some corporate experience at Tech Mahindra I want to hone my skills, so I can move closer to my goal of attaining professional expertise and learn various aspects of behavioral epistemology and to apply them for the betterment of myself and my environment.

My pragmatic nature and ethical value system have always been my strength and have lead me in carrying out the Technical festival Zealicon 2008” for the first time in our college. I as the Event Manager did not have the backup in terms of experience of my seniors or documentation, so I had to start afresh. Eventually I was able to deliver a successful show and I realized that “One person’s life influences the lives of an unbelievable number of people”.

Another catalyst to my ever analyzing thought process being this recession, which has taken a toll over economy and eventually human life. Since it is affecting so many lives there is a need for effective solution and I believe with my understanding and after attaining proper tools from a structured course like MBA I would definitely be able to contribute towards solving many such unforeseen problems.

I am confident that my strengths, potentials and my strategic and analytical abilities would help me become an efficient professional. NIRMA (Institute of Management), one of the pioneer institutes with its esteemed faculty and exponential growth over the past decade, will provide the right pedestal for gaining a Post Graduation in Management. It would help me interact with and learn from people of varied backgrounds.

Name : Abhinav Rastogi

CAT Reg.No. : 7450655

IMNU form No.: 2827

Part 1 : Do shades of gray really exist??

Good and Evil, right and wrong or white and black all are the synonyms of the hypothetical battle battle rising within me and this battle is just between my head and and my heart,its within me and its mine.
Lets have an example, by social acceptance and social value system, telling a lie is an evil deed and my heart completely agrees to it but by another convention telling a lie selflessly in order to help someone is a virtuous deed, logic supports it.But what I have been wondering for a while is that how could a singular thing be good and bad at the same time , it seems to be like the bitter medicine which is bad in taste but has high medicinal value. Although it looks like I possess the answer to the question, that "Do shades of gray really exists?" but do I?.
What does gray signify ?? It portrays the middle path between right and wrong, black and white which could be walked in order not to contradict your own beliefs and neither let your conscience know that you have ever walked a shabby lane without guilt.I don't know and am in no authority to justify whether such shades of gray should exist or not. But as a person who keeps a perpetual understanding of the events happening in his environment, I would like to add an angle to the present course of discussion, we say Ravan was evil and Ram was good.
took away Sita and did a very evil deed but was Ram justified when he sent Sita away to the jungle because people were saying things about her.Was it justified on the part of the most just person, who has ever walked the face of the earth, to have sent his wife away?. He was the symbol of goodness , of truth and justice but his logic was blinded and he had to adorn the shades of gray , to denounce his wife of her rights, for the sake of society.What we should not forget here is that Sita had passed the test of fire to prove her purity then how could Ram go about in taking a descision which had no valid backing.
Why do we have to adorn the shades of gray ?? A lot of such questions are triggering in my mind and i am not able to justify.What is wrong or what is right? How many perspectives do one has to satisfy in order to be stereotyped in an image , i am saying that being good or evil is virtuous but is it worth being stereotyped??
So, do the absolutes never exist ?? Yes they do and these are people who never compromise with there situations , they make their own situations .... wondering how?? , is one question which i leave to you and shall be discussing it in my next post , till then gray it is!!

Time: The only answer to financial nemesis

Time is the only dimension which has been out of reach of various renowned physicists , although they were able to shed light on its nature but truly captivating the complete potential of this dimension , has been out of their bounds.
Time has been considered divine in the scintific world and forms the reference of lot many analysises.It is considered the real healer ,havn't you heard that time heals everything grudges,pain,sorrows & stress.You rest when you are unwell and over time you are healthy as before.If you are confused as to what i am leading to so to tell you frankly i am too i am just trying to pen down what ever is fumbling in the cortex of my head and analyze it either to be relieved or find an answer to what could happen over time.
The media is filled with gossip of "Satyam",the IT major which was the 4th largest Indian IT firm and the few of whom were listed at the Nasdaq,but time changed and the man who dreamt it grew greedy and plundered and raped his own creation.I have seen a lot about this issue on media and i am amazed that every one is trying to give birth to a new hypothesis about the issue although which is not at all required and is complicating the scenario about the BRAND INDIA in
the international circuit.Although i completely agree that if there will be a fire the smoke will rise and the people will definitely talk about it , thats free will but then the constitution says that you have the right to speech if it does not infringes on the rights of others.
The investors have lost a whopping 1500 crores at the stock market , the retail and small investors are pleading over their lost fortune , a few have even committed suicide then how could the bull run which lasted a year considered beautiful.For i suppose any good thing happening in the world always has a cost which the people have to pay over time.Yes time , indeed is the measure of all the resolute behavior canvased by the individuals onto their environment, because its time over which we reap what we sow.
I am still confused , the question is how much time would it take to get to normal??,i have no answer and neither could anyone give an absolute answer .Every one knows that it will get better but when ,they don't know possibly 2years or 5years is their assumption but the hasitate to comment over time.The only thing that could keep us going shall be a hope , a dream that that when we wake up tomorrow morning every thing shall be normal , people who have lost their jobs shall have a new beginning at a career they dream't of all their lives, the investors shall gain at the stock market and the world would again be a normal place to live in.
The unreal is more powerful than the real, because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it.because its only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last. stone crumbles. wood rots. people, well, they die. but things as fragile as a thought, a dream, a legend, they can go on and on in time.Time and memory are true artists; they re-mold reality nearer to the heart's desire.
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