Turning Point

Turning Point was an amazing science show hosted by Girish Karnard and was broad casted in , i must say,the most coveted days of Doordarshan and had the fan following like any of the MTV shows hosted by Nikhil or Ranvijay today.I was a frequent watcher as this show answered the basic curiosities of "Why and How" and taught me some of the most amazing science tricks. Creating these simple tricks manifest in real had altogether inspired me to be an innovator , a creator and still today I price this instinct above any thing else i learned during my life.

Well don't worry this blog is not about that show but the effect it left and the perception which the show imbibed in me and the way i relate to it in the modern era of technology.

How does it feel to be a creator ??? I suppose all of us have an innate desire to create something. I could say this not because i am assuming it,but that is the conclusion i have drawn over the years of interacting with Individuals,i say individuals because i believe that the property to progressive evolution could come from a single mind whether for self or for the society and when such like minded individuals meet a progressive group is formed.So i was saying that i have interacted with individuals and drawn conclusion that they desire to create be it a software, a house for self or family,a group to cater to the social and political needs of the society or simply a successful career. Whether does this desire springs from? Are we born with it or do we learn it ? This is an open ended question and i don't suppose we would like to go into the controversial topic of nature and nurture to justify whether its something genetic or assimilated from the environment. I would like to add another angle to it, I believe it has something to do with our desire to be in control and be successful,yes the pleasure of creating is indeed remarkable and sometimes it definitely takes our head off the heels.What you feel is a mix of pleasure , power and satisfaction and it creates a belief in you that you are all powerful to do anything you like.

Most of the individuals i have met and talked this over, have been individuals who were complete control freaks , loved there life to turn out the way they had anticipated and took pleasure at astonishing themselves with the outcomes of life and their anticipation and calculating how close they rowed by their target. Still wondering how does all this add to the title 'Turning Point' .
It all does make sense , they are becoming victims of their inhibitions , lets say that "God created this world" and in the process of marveling over his own genius he forgot about its growth and development and that is when Adam and Eve were made victims of desire by Sebastian or Devil as we generally refer to him and look at what is happening to this world from that day on onwards , i believe it's crumbling and that was the turning point.Similarly with every creation there is a turning point which is controlled by the creator and if he grows ignorant of it then panic is created.And i believe,this is how it all goes.


Peeush said...
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Peeush said...

Thought Provoking.. Well articulated..

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