When i miss you ...

When i miss you
I just close my eyes
And think of you 
When i miss you.

Those lovely days
I had the craze to graze in thy eyes
And seek my love in ten million ways 
Those lovely days

When i took your hand
It felt so warm
With all the love that we deserved
Ohh !!! when i took your hand.

I hope you knew 
The promises were true
I gave you my heart
I hope you knew that was all i had.

Yet you tossed my heart
With your randomn taunts
And it swirled around before crumbling to ground
Ohh!! You tossed my heart ....

You decided to hurt me
As you failed to understand
That true love is hard to find
Yet you hurt me,in your own kind.

It was you
And you know it too
Cannot cut out my heart because it is there you belong
Ohh !! it's true , you would never get the clue.
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