I just wanna experiment

Wanna ride , over the tide;
Just this once , further hence.
Wanna touch the sun , seems like fun;
I just wanna experiment.

Bring on life ,taken the stride;
The tryst with faith gonna be fun.
I wanna fight i wanna win,just this instance;
I just wanna experiment.

Let me write , everything i sight;
It's gonna rain washing the pain.
It looks like fun,I wanna run the fastest run;
I just wanna experiment.

In the known,foray in the unknown;
See every thing in a different light.
I see , I learn,I wanna grow as a different person;
I just wanna experiment...


Anonymous said...

you have started writing prty well.. my teaching did work it seems.. ;)

Surbhi said...

Ammmm......gr88 yaar...no words for amazing creation.......keep posting..n i'll keep commenting...

khushboo rastogi said...

this would make an awesome song!1... the words just fit sooo wel!1... like the casual way its written!!

abhinav said...

thanks khushboo!!!

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