'I' : The symbol of Egotism or a mere instance of 'ME'

You must have heard people say" I am what I am !!" and you must have winked at them and felt "How arrogant of him!!" or "Whats this attitude??". So here we would discuss 'I' , hey this has nothing to do with 'ME' in-fact i shall be penning it down as a third person and 'I' and 'YOU' shall act as first and second person.
"Egotism is the motivation to maintain and enhance favorable views of self to the point of being self-destructive. Egotism means thinking the world revolves around oneself, and believing one to be more important than what is actually the case."
The above statement is considered synonymous to 'I' in general opinion . The opinion which acts as the basic attribute of the social fabric to which we are woven.

We say an egoist is selfish he possesses an inflated feeling of pride in his superiority to others but 'I' asks 'YOU' "Is it wrong to be self conscious? To know your potential, your limits? " . 'I' also asks "Why is being humble a virtue because it gives space to 'YOU', prevents 'YOU' to see the reflection of your real persona, a miserable one".

I don't have an accurate opinion on the present topic as this is one of those never ending debates that a person has to refute even if he is not willing to , so is the cause of the social fabric we are woven into.It is rather painful to understand why shouldn't we be conscious of our existence ,our potential? Why do we blame people for being selfish in there quest for achieving. People never seem to stop in pointing out that a big business man has done so well for himself but he does nothing for the welfare of the public. We also point out that government is responsible for every thing bad happening in the country and we consider that it is the social responsibility of the rich and the powerful to provide support for the weak and poor (in terms of value,luck ,choice etc) of the society.This is similar to the COMMUNIST mentality which again as "I" says "Is Ironical!!".
Because we again are afraid to fully accept it .

But as most of us fail to understand that 'I' is not a mere symbol of egotism but a parameter for self pride which drives a lot of individuals who by their virtues can eventually bring about a change to this society . It defines a symbol of growth for which a certain individual is responsible what shall any one get depriving that individual the moment of pride , he deserves?.
'I' also encourages competition which again promises evolution in the social fabric and something which by nature of its virtue is constructive cannot cause harm to the social element.

We are given this life to live for ourselves , to learn and to evolve and in the process exercise the strength of our virtues to evolve the society.Why cannot any one else breathe for me , why not anyone else eat for me or for that sake rest for me?? So it is 'I' who is responsible for 'ME' or to say 'ME' is responsible for 'I' . Because at the end of the day it is survival that matters.


Anonymous said...

So you say that being an egoist is a virtue and we should portray a certain level of ego or self respect as you term it? But where do you think this will lead you?

amit said...

as u said its an endless discussion on this topic still i want to make a comment.i think there is nothing wrong in being self concious becoz its only u who is actully responsible for urself but is this all.this is what we r here as human who has got mind, who has power to think, freedom to work.i think there must be some difference in all other living beings and us. yes, this is the word "US", why 'I' or 'YOU', why not 'US', if we begin thinking for us it will include all ('I' and 'YOU').
there is a Shlok in SANSKRIT
"Sarvey bhavantu sukhinah, Sarvey santu niramayah, Sarvey bhadrani pashyantu, Ma kashchid dukh mabhavet."
in this its not that we r asking for the good of someone special, we r asking it for all n that includes 'I' n 'YOU' both.so why cant we always think n do things for the good of 'US', not just for 'I' n not just for 'YOU'.
the idea may not sonud practical or not possible for everyone to implement but i believe it doesn't require any extra effort to do things that way.
The almighty has gifted this life to us not just to live for ourselves but to give it to others for the good of humanity n universe.

Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

abhinav said...

Definitely and thats the reason the debate continues ....

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