Applauding the "CHANGE"

Some things are inevitable ,why do you suppose I am saying this, yes there is a very specific reason to discuss this.Change is what I am talking about. Irony it may seem when we hear people say "Change is the only Constant" because that it violates the idea of a constant , something which does not change has a static defined value .Then how could change be constant.
That's not a hypothetical idea as of now but the basics of few industries, which are thriving because every thing is changing so frequently,depends on this change.Humans have been coined as the social animals and they have over the process of evolution , which in Darwin's terms is a form of change , understood the system of control and to evaluate the changes they have eventually devised the the way things are interpreted,Philosophy,Sociology and few other domains are these tools which give reasons ,interpretation and understanding of human behaviour.
Can we name anything which does not change??? hard to guess ??? OK let me put up my perception, memories are meant to last forever , they are least prone to change and acts as a relative index to measure change. A beautiful memory will remain beautiful, an ugly one ugly they persist with the human mind they reside in or the templates they are written in ,yes they don't change.
So we have a contrast when we say every thing is changing yet memories are not , one tends to forget them but they dont change ,it lingers with us all our life.So I believe that it is one thing we should work upon create happy memories,have happy projection of the future so that when tomorrow comes its beautiful.For it is universally known that the perception of environment we live in depends on our mind and thoughts and that could be changed and bettered ,of course."the beautiful we think more beautifully we liveth".


amit said...
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amit said...

topic was nice.ur perception was good but I don't completely agree with it.the way it can be understood is that "if a sweet is kept in refrigerator for a long time, its sweetness reduces with the sweet is same bt still there is a change in its taste so hw can we say that its not changed." I guess same with the memories they r same but still changed in terms of their taste, it changes(reduces/increases) with time.
the final moral of the topic is live happily we have to think that way.
nice job!!!

abhinav said...

thanks amit over that insight that is another aspect of percieving the change all i wanted to do was compare it with a less relative changing thing and memories were close to the standard , we may find lot many individuals who live their lives feeding over some of the most beautiful memories of their past.
they give us hope , a will to go on and a perception of happier time.
that was what i thought when i proposed the concept of memories be it good or bad being unchangable.
According to me they linger.

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