Losing you...

Sitting alone in my room thinking it through,
Trying to convince myself that I'm not losing you
Why cannot you just forget the things i said?
I was cranky but now I've cleared my head!

So tell me why ! I'm swimmin' against the tide,
And I'm praying for a life-line ,'cause I'm losing you,
So tell me why ! You don't care enough if i die,
And I cant stand, wont stand,losing you.

You don't have to say a word, it's in your eyes,
what can i do to convince you, we need more time?
And i know i may have made a few mistakes
But losing you is just too much for me to take.

Tell me why ,i wont stand losing you,
You don't care enough if i try,
Baby don't hurt me and make me cry,
I'm praying for a life-line ,'cause I'm losing you.

The Princess in Love ....

The princess glanced out of the castle window
Seeking a glimpse of the prince that would had her rescue
There were tears in her eyes
The pain in her heart that she could never deny.
She has become the slave of her virtue
the beauty she possessed,felt of no use
She thought "what am i to do without him?"
The pain was aggravating and taking a toll of her.

Love is so blissful she had believed
But the pain she was feeling could not be relieved
The agony was turning into tears
And her heart felt so heavy,she feared.
Will her prince ever come back,
She eyed the portrait displayed on the rack.
Beautiful memories filled her mind
those caressing and kissing were one of a kind.
The first kiss , the gasp of air between their breath,
The manly embrace , those walks in the woods
The never ending love that seemed to pour out of the hazel eyes,
Complementing the flawless stature that in his arms lie.
The mind was wandering in the terrain of happy thoughts
But her eyes refused to be delusioned and poured down tiny drops.
The perpetual denial of grief has been a driving force
And all she could do is cry and let it all go.

The wait has been for a year or so
But it felt as if,ages have flown.
And one day the trumpets blew,
The mighty palace gates , aside drew
The charming prince walked down the aisle
Held the hand of the love of his life.
And then the hazel met the brown eyes,
Penetrating into the bosom where their love lies.

The Rebellion

He screams at himself, His heart burns like fire
He punches his fist on the wall,Tears roll down his eyes for the lack of desire
And then tries to calm down,He tries to take revenge
Not with his physical power, But with the sarcasm in the tone of his voice
Its strange how he once told someone
“I detest that sarcasm in your voice, the smirk on your face…Just put that away”
And today he goes against his own principle he once preached.
He can do anything to send the message across to those people
Those who never understood him, those who were naïve,
Those who made decisions on his behalf,Those who hardly appreciated his innate talent,
And those who could never get out of the cocoon of this “society”
Is he overanalyzing things?
In all these technicalities, is he losing his mind, his youth?
But I guess he just wants to enjoy life
He wants to live like there is no tomorrow
For the years of his existence, he could only see the glass as half empty
Now for the rest of it he wants to see it as half full…
“Its good to be a rebellion.It keeps me moving” .


Sitting on the grass,
I glanced at the logo imbibed in brass.
It read camp carnival,
The best location to be in kanataal.

Suddenly the silence was broken by the mountain breeze,
Rambling between the devdar trees,
The camp fire jittered
And the flowing breeze sounded like a river.

I thought if i could only hold it in my hands,
Catch the breeze and fly to distant lands.
Probably it could take me to mountains
where i could live amidst the fountains.

The nature was calling me with open hands
But then there are things which i fail to understand
The clues left were arbitrary
And required knowledge to understand fully.

Then i thought to pen down the picturesque notion
For its easy to comprehend words than imagination.
But i had no pen no paper
Where am i going to note down it's stature.

On the ground over the soil
I wrote what my little head toiled
Words after words the scene was turned into literature
The woods,the breeze,the curvy road and the other desolate elements were all in there.

The music brought me back to reality
I was with the group of people with abundant rarity.
There was so much to learn from each one of them
And finally i decided to ignore the signs and embrace them.

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