Cupid sounds with Stupid!!

This seems to be a funny statement and indeed it is , although i have never been into a relationship bestowed upon me by cupid but by my observation of those stuck by cupid gives me a bags full of varied and truly speaking funny experiences.Hey , don't think i am making fun of those stuck by cupid's blinding arrow but i am trying to keep the view point of those who may have escaped the venomous strike of the most beautiful experience that sounds , stupid...ooops Cupid .
The issue is far more serious than the satirical approach we high flying , high on energy singles adopt but as an individual we should try to find the humorous side to such serious stuff , although i don't speak against such stuff but as the idea clicked in my mind and i hovered over it to find something to pen down i thought of taking it up.
The issue is "Is it good to be in a relationship brought about by cupid or should we don't get into a relationship,or rather we should keep our options open and know someone to truly get into a relationship that is long lasting." But from my past observation of various couples or better to say "the dude and dudants" who willing to explore the realms of relationship create one and when they can't handle the cupid's call they move on , as it has always been said that moving on is the "pace of life " and the destiny of change ,i always felt , makes Cupid sound Stupid .

Experiments with life....

We always regret that life is not fair and has not provided us with the right opportunities to portray our true potential but what life had actually done is provide us with a difficult situation and tried to inculcate in additional abilities or rather to say it had tried to wake up the redundant qualities in us but we don't understand it and ultimately blame life for being unjust.
Various scholars and philosophers have stated that when you dream some thing ,you develop an inherent quality of accomplishing your goal or dream but we have to be ready to face that kind of scenario , but the question is how to make yourself ready for the worse before it had actually happened.Here,our mind comes into picture when it can show us the dreams then it can also make you ready for the worst kinda situation,for the problem is the the face of the worst enemy of mine may be the face of your best friend ,so it is our mind that has to be seasoned .
The problem here arises how to create a worst situation that would temporarily cause you harm and the lesson you learn from it should be worth that pain you temporarily underwent here your mind creates hallucinations and drags you deeper into the pit hole or the trap you have temporarily created as a matter of caution these experiments or games as people generally term them should be played with certain rules like any other game or say a chemistry experiment would back fire if not done properly.
The rule book says the game should harm no-one , no-one means no-one not even you and if u are a masochist then these games are not intended for you.Always have multiple backup plans to get yourself out of a situation your mind has created ,this will enhance your mental strength , most importantly every thing is planned and so plan things out . One major danger of this game is sometimes you would not be able to differentiate between reality and hallucinations and here you have to pull the rope else you will fall in the pit and moreover no-one could help you .
Finally to put my final tip forward "intend to do it at your own will".

Open a few windows......

Open a few windows, let a blast of fresh air blow through your life, and understand that with a little bit of disruption, you can find new opportunities to live a different kind of lifestyle. Don't get yourself into narrow vision of your world and sound self righteous. Stay open to feedback. If you keep talking and keep looking then life will present you with just the idea or the encounter you have been waiting for.
That is the perception of life we have always had , but will the breeze really blow in to sooth our feelings and dissolve all the disruptions.But scientifically speaking breeze may still blow us away and worsen the things.
Let me see , we always have something on our wishlist but as we get those wishes fulfilled we have something new to look to , but if the dreams have failed we either move to a side line and isolate ourselves from it when we should have given it a chance but we fail and back off.
Fighting for dreams has been always taught to us but once we break we are afraid to try. We try to cuddle in our own sense of false pride , meager wins and coziness of our habitat and intend to back off when we are asked to open up the windows.
Man has always been regretting for the past but has not learned to overcome it and is always afraid that the future may turn out to be the same and under the effect of past is unable to shape his future , that perception has to change as it is drawing him back holding him to experiment but he is not ready to open up the windows and let the fresh air come in.

Dreams and Desires ???

Life doesn't seem to really work out the way we picturize it but as
humans should we tend to dream ? Dreams have always been an integral
part of human existence, we all live with dreams and the dreams
inculcate in us the desire to succeed.
Dreams are meant to be there but they give rise to desires and these
desires drive us,needless to say the desires form the integral part of
our daily life . They fascinate us , drive us towards the eternal goal
and bring us down whenever we fail. Do failures cease our desires ??
that's the question that instantly haunts our mind and on
retrospecting we realize that may be there is some truth in it.
As i ran through my mind i realized that what ever i had dreamt of ,
desired to be has changed over time and that too due to the
implication of not was i thought but due to the effect of others.
Is it really necessary to satisfy people's desires , their
expectations ?? Man is a social animal and always tends to satisfy
people around him not withstanding his own dreams .
"I desired to be an author and presently i am running my own dental
clinic " that was once quoted by one of my friends , he was doing good
but he was not satisfied . One only gets satisfied if he chases his
own dreams , own desires regardless of their magnitude but the thing
goes we are more driven by thoughts of colleagues rather than our own
intension and that too because we doubt ourselves.
Every one want to be successful but success is a relative term,
depending on individual perspective and the important part is it
should be achieved following our own DESIRES rather than being carried
away by some one else's opinion .
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