Cupid sounds with Stupid!!

This seems to be a funny statement and indeed it is , although i have never been into a relationship bestowed upon me by cupid but by my observation of those stuck by cupid gives me a bags full of varied and truly speaking funny experiences.Hey , don't think i am making fun of those stuck by cupid's blinding arrow but i am trying to keep the view point of those who may have escaped the venomous strike of the most beautiful experience that sounds , stupid...ooops Cupid .
The issue is far more serious than the satirical approach we high flying , high on energy singles adopt but as an individual we should try to find the humorous side to such serious stuff , although i don't speak against such stuff but as the idea clicked in my mind and i hovered over it to find something to pen down i thought of taking it up.
The issue is "Is it good to be in a relationship brought about by cupid or should we don't get into a relationship,or rather we should keep our options open and know someone to truly get into a relationship that is long lasting." But from my past observation of various couples or better to say "the dude and dudants" who willing to explore the realms of relationship create one and when they can't handle the cupid's call they move on , as it has always been said that moving on is the "pace of life " and the destiny of change ,i always felt , makes Cupid sound Stupid .


Moody said...

No explanations required dear.

Its the Cupid that made u write this, Stupid!

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