A brief history called LIFE

Recently i got my hands on Stephen Hawking’s best seller 'A brief history of time' and in that he has tried to explain time in the most appropriate scientific terms , but the fascinating fact is that the man never had time on his side.
At the age of 22 he started developing symptoms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (colloquially known as Lou Gehrig's disease), a type of motor neuron disease which would cost him the loss of almost all neuromuscular controls .Stephen revealed that he did not see much point in obtaining a doctorate if he was to die soon that is the reaction of a young individual who believes that every thing is finished when he finds himself in the gulf of darkness and no path yields to him the happy life he expects to live. A Zen master said How do you know? What does this mean..... to you? Does it mean “how do you know?" or "How do you Know ?"or does it mean "How do you know? the statements seem pretty much similar but have an insight they are trying to emphasize on the fact that who are we to decide that our life is finished or their is nothing left to be done . The time as expressed by Stephen hawking has no catch it could open up a realm of beauty ,mystic and adventure in no time , then who are we to decide that the story has ended also when we have not even turned to the second page . Once a great scholar said turn over the pages for we don't know what the book of life has in store for us , things sometime do happen by chance and these chances give us hope and inculcate in us the desire to survive and that makes us human. The desire to exist and be useful has kept stephen hawking going , got him the tag of an exceptional scientist and gave hope to many who have seized to persist , annoyed of life wanted to end every thing.
Recently Stephen Hawking was in News for his ‘zero gravity’ experience , there seemed to be a great deal of satisfaction in his smile as he experienced that moment it seemed as if he had been waiting for that moment from years , a satisfaction to reach out to stars vested in him the desire to live on life support equipments , to do something extra ordinary beyond the realms of the wheelchair that housed him .
Hope, dreams and the attainment of dreams are the factors that constitute one’s life span, but doing things extraordinarily is what make life meaningful.
Will life be really exciting if it posed to us no difficulty , no challenges , no defeats ,no hope????


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