Mindless Tweet..Creativity Speaks

Spontaneously creativity erupted out of the sack
Which was situated amidst the neural rack
The grey matter grew vibrant with flash flows
Intangibly catching any ideas that sack throws.
Only a portion of the brain simulated the scenario
With chemicals and proteins colouring the fresco.
What they aimed was to create a memory sap
As musical and picturesque as the reality flaps
The idea was too random to conceive
But it all depends on how you perceive.

Perception creates the chaos in the mind
Randomly creating order from their find
And finally a memory is conjured
Like a crystal recently carved.
Now the shiny thread of the memory is inserted in the rack
And this silents the eruption from the sack.
Our mind is indeed a designer's marvel
Where we usually find ourselves entangled.


Anushree Rastogi said...

nice work :)

anvi said...

this poem appears to me as a mesh of random thoughts..wht do u keep thinking dada.....u truely justify the title ;)

Shilpa said...

seems some nuero specialist is trying to be a poet :) okk..so thts how we preserve memories.. a great puzzle solved :)

abhinav said...

@anushree Thanks :)

@anvita no comments !!!

@Shilpa Actually i wrote it after watching inception so u can understand where the inspiration originated and it's not about memories , its about how an idea is generated in our brain and it's life cycle.

abhinav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Basit near to sprituality said...

Awesome piece of Writing Abhi...keep writing.. :)

abhinav said...

thanks Basit !!!

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