Flipping through the pages
I thought of the the beautiful daisies
The snow flakes and the iceman i would make
That's the beauty of hope no one can take.
Outside everything was covered in snow
And in the far west the sun still glowed
I pondered over the half filled glass as an optimist
I cannot let myself be bonded and feel like a sadist.

What should i do to make me happy
Enlightened i rose and walked out in the snow
I was going to make my imagination come true
All i carried was a red hat and an ice-cream cone
Gathering the snow and piling it as a round ball
And then another smaller one was installed
Further the humanoid features took shape
And finally my iceman was ready to skate.

I just wanted it to come to life
A miracle that everything, defies
Life doesn't give you everything
And every wish cannot be fulfilled.
All we could do is hope for the best
And let everything in time, rest
But hope is definitely a very good thing
It soothes your pain and spreads happiness akin.


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