She was standing in the corridor
I still remember how i was intrigued
Those long legs and the high heels
And the caricature which was such a deal.

She walked slowly into my heart
Like a dart hitting on the spot.
Stopping it was out of question,
She was so sweet i didn't have option.

Is she a girl or an angel
This is a mystery still entangled
I tried to figure it out
But all i could create was doubt.

I thought,will she ever know i like her ?
Will she ever care i was there ??
So i decided to make a mark on her life
And tattooed her name with a knife.

Although she noticed it without gesture
All this seems so stupid, she lectured
But i am madly in love with you,I said
And am willing to go beyond the conventions portrayed.

But she was an angel and me a human
My heart bleed but she was nowhere
She was gone and i learnt,somethings are never meant to be,
No matter how genuinely hard you tried for it.


tanupriya said...

nice one...keep up the good work!!!

abhinav said...

thanks Tanu !!!

viny said...

Very nice work.;-)
But Is "SHE" Real?

abhinav said...

yes "She" is real !!!
but i am yet to find her.....

RV said...


rupanjana said...

Really touching...seems you are already in love with ur angel :P

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