Measuring life with a coffee spoon

Coffee is the finest organic suspension ever devised.
It's got me through the worst and good alike
But beneath the creamy foam the dark caffeine lies
Mixed in all ingredients yet distinctly identifies.

Blacker than a moonless night.
Hotter and more bitter than devilish sight
That is how i like my coffee served
But everyone gets what he deserves.

I tried to measure my life with a coffee spoon
Initially my coffee looked beautiful like the moon
Creamy,Puffy and brimming over the edges
As if Santa was skiing through it on sledges.

I stirred the hot java mix with the coffee spoon
For once,the moony-groomy surface suspended,
A variety of shades , the effect of spade,
the coffee spoon, the perfect tool.

With every coffee layer , life identifies,
One sip and memories rejoice;
Finally as i was to put down the cup,
I realized the irony , and finished my coffee in a single gulp.

Life identifies with big and small alike
A coffee mug or a coffee spoon , suffice.
But how much u try to measure it , it shall always be bigger than we think.
Yet I tried measuring my life with a coffee spoon.

Nevermind ...

Never-mind the dreams are one of it's kind
Sometimes beautiful, sometimes bruised
But when you wake up everything is renewed
Its just the fading darkness of the night
That condemns us to put up a fight
We as a withered leaf fall
As if it's autumn's call.
Never-mind the dreams are one of it's kind.

It seems as if we are stuck at sea,
Striking randomness as the time flees,
With every thud the waves hit,drowsiness falls as a fit.
But the distant smear of hope,rekindles the efforts to cope.
There is a shimmer of happiness on the other side of the dawn
The sun shall come up and the drowsiness shall be gone.
Yet the time of high tide is hard to define,
you are stuck at sea and path seems blind.

Never-mind, that's the haziness of the dream,
Mostly ending up in a scream.
But there is always a ray of hope,
At the end of dark tunnel which we tend to escape.
But this period of darkness shall soon demise,
As the new day shall arrive.
Promise of new day is all it takes,
To shun down the darkness, such dreams are maketh.

inspired from : Nevermind by Charu Jain (

It's You, Probably it's True ...

It's you, probably it's true
The dandelions that you love to carry
Reminds me of the tooth fairy,
Yet you don't have a clue,
It's you, probably it's true

It's you, probably it's true
Holding onto your hand my heart beats like a band,
Playing the most beautiful lyrics
No one could deny but cherish
It's you, probably it's true.

It's you, probably it's true
When you walk by my side,i feel my head held so high
The most precious person i have
Like a diamond in the sky,
It's you, probably it's true

It's you, probably it's true
I have fallen in love with your beautiful smile
Which make me run that extra mile
Just cannot think of life without you
Probably it's true it's definitely you.
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