Love.Once there was.... I wish

It was a sunny day,
You gestured in a funny way.
Those twinkling eyes,
flipped like butterflies.
That scent of roses,
casted pure indolence.
The whisk breeze,
complimented your streak.

The Kohl you wore,
made your beauty soar.
The dimples on your cheeks,
thy naughty smile speaks.
When lazily you stretched your arms,
i was literally charmed.
Those linen sheets,
where thy bosom creeps.

With serenity you move thy body,Closer to me.
With sincerity you spoke in my ears,whether i love thee ?
I was astound !!
But my answer was profound;
I replied,i love thee wholeheartedly,
and you sealed the vow with a kiss;
planting it on my lips,
On that sunny day... I wish.


Anonymous said...

wow.... i like it a lotttt... great wrk abhinav .. ;)

abhinav said...

thanks anonymous!!!
but it would have been good if u posted with ur original id.

Anchal said...

adorable & sensuous...!!!

RV said...

Lovely combination of thoughts...!!!

prerna shekhawat said...

A good flow of emotions except the part.....u know ;P.....jokes apart..very nice :)

below is the part of a poem, i wrote.....defeated love here ;):
I am the priam, who saw his troy fall
Not ad patres,but held the cineri
with a silence above all

I am the hector,who traversed the line of for known fear
prey to pride, offed to ethics, yet not a martyr

I am the paris,beliefs indefensible,desires unleashed
quodnon, not by the greeks,
but bestowed with companion's despicere

I am the troy, reciting the doomed tunes
abode to none, abodeless ruins
abandoned by amare, devoid of deligere
seeking the trust,a demolished heaven
scraping the rust,sowing the barren.

Peeush said...

Sensuous and Mushy.. Great composition.. !

Anonymous said...

nice :) Keep goin dude

Surbhi said...

Rastogi...tussi gr8 ho...twadi poem da jawaab nahi......

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