Interpretation of one’s thoughts is reflected in their actions and the reaction to those actions by their fellow beings. It sounds pretty much outrageous to satisfy everyone so that they are of the same opinion as you are, but as it is obvious that you are not complying to make them come with your point but are coming to theirs for obliging them and creating a false impression that you are winning them over.

Scholars preach to look life in the face, look life in the face and stand for ourselves and finally keep it away, fall victim to the powers that seem to drive this world , the irony as it seems to comply with all the stories of brave men and their deeds of virtues ,which we have grown hearing . They mock us in the face, embarrass us by implying that we are hurting them by throwing away the beautiful world they dream't for us .They believed that motive is the sole fuel for one’s existence and the motive to live and be of purpose is the greatest virtue one possesses. But what have we made of ourselves by just dwelling into luxuries of life enjoying it and wasting it for no cause or I must say an unknown cause? Self- destruction.

Human brain is considered the most noblest of all creation and scientifically speaking the complex of all tissue structures evolved since the world came into existence and Genesis took place , but we are still able to tap in only 3% of its potential and the brightest of all minds were able to reach a maximum of 10%. Doesn’t it sound outrageous that we being the most noblest of all the known life forms to have ever existed on earth were able to utilize only 10% of our potential, humorous as it seems that only few people are working to get to the bottom of the most impetuous problem at hand and rest are dwelling into luxuries, enjoyment and a life of no purpose, they are just thinking of the smaller picture. Themselves.

Answers as we all seek, but no one really seems to know them, have been the driving fuel of the people who built this civilization, who gave explanations of our existence, the solution to how things work. They tried to find every answer they could and created a base, a portal for us to continue. They made reason, logic an amicable truth in a society, which was merely superstitious over every deed occurring around us. They told us that it is our brain that will lead us to our survival in the future, evolve us into something more meaningful and shall be a gateway to our prosperity, not as a mere gesture of luxury and happiness, but as an evaluation of our generation which will make the riddle of life seem so small and the human race inimitably the greatest of all living forms to have been chosen by that superior power to solve this “riddle of life”.


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