life is what we maketh of it

Tieing the loose ends of my story is what i am currently doing , winding up every relation ,every emotion to the ending i had planned for them, with the competency of a show man. These events over a past few years have taught me to believe life is what we make of it!! It is certainly a matter of interest for those who believe life is a game of chance, for i planned every bit of it, i drew conclusions and plotted my theories with practicals falling exactly in rhythm with my theories.
Life is very short span for an individual to explorer every emotion in the book for he may be lacking the perfect plots to learn them so realizing the correct plot and identifying the emotions that could be studied in that scenario expresses one's competence as a show man. This is in my regards living life with one's own virtues and shaping it as we wish.
It all took me some time to realize the potential of the turf i was in , then i came to realize that i have a kink to understand how things work and how they could me manipulated to one's own interest . The power of controlling the opinion of the masses envisioned me to understand the collective human behaviour, this quest in me to understand the nature of things and learn from every move of mine or an individual directly affecting me,imparted me with knowledge and understanding of things i possess at the moment.
But every story has an end and so does this,but life goes on and their are still various emotions left to be explored , so in an ave to discover a new turf which could be winded off so easily and has the potential to change the understanding of an individual, i would tie the last loose string.


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