Interpreting "Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently"

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog but this should be blamed on the shortage of time and the pile of tasks I had to undertake to justify my professional existence. During this, I had wonderful opportunities to learn about the behavioral patterns of individuals and their approach towards undertaking a task and the level of accomplishments achieved by them. In this blog I am going to shed light on this fact alone.
“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”, is the phrase we all have been listening to every time we seek motivation in our work or rather to say after a failure or a mishap. Do you really think this is what we seek to inspire us to do things successfully?? Strange as this may sound but the people the phrase refers to underwent more number of failures than a common individual yet they stood there facing the wraths of time and prevented themselves and their motivation from being overburdened by the hordes of failures they underwent. The most successful of all beings, inclusive of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Sydney Sheldon and the list continues; faced many failures in their lives but they never looked at it as a failure but a mile stone which taught them that the task has to be done in a way different than what they had anticipated.
Edison after a series of failures during his invention of electric lamps quoted that “I have not failed but I have found thousand ways of, how not to proceed to build an electric lamp.” So it’s just the perception of an individual that matters and that is what acts as the motivating fact and keeps him going. But over the last few days I found people who considered the above phrase as the word of “The Oracle” and thought that they may easily win if they did things differently. What actually they should understand is that the more open they are to understanding their mistakes and learning from them, the more closer they will get to winning. The hilarious part of the above fact is if a person is doing things differently and he is continuously failing, he will start questioning his intellect even if the idea implemented by him was a brilliant one and nothing better could have been thought of in the present scenario and will start believing that “Doing things differently is surely his Mistake”.
For the real Phrase they should be following is “Try try and thou shall succeed”


SSjSid said...

Confidence comes from success. But when you have confidence in yourself, then even failure can't take that away from you.

Very nice video.

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