Taking life in positive stride

I don't know why am I penning down this? But a great urge happens to control my senses at the moment and i cannot stop it or over power it and happen to be me , a self controlled personality.
Actually i was going through a blog and that said that people should like you in any form you present yourself to them and if they don't they are hurting you in an impeccable manner, that was so immature of the author, but the sense of childishness attracted me . That kind of child resides in every one of us and we try to defeat it as we grow old . Trying to convince everyone around us to our point of view, achieving things which a few years down the line wouldn't even matter or hurting someone which matters to you the most in the world are the few things we resort to , in order to achieve the essence of being successful.
I never hated anyone and avoid hurting individuals which matter a lot to me. In fact i learn a lot about me from the perception of others and if that is criticism then its all the better.
I don't care about clarifying issues but they always have a purpose and a positive purpose which a person may not understand then and there but a few years down the line they may realise that i was up to no harm, and these are a few physiological methods of getting past a failure that I always avoided.


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