Open a few windows......

Open a few windows, let a blast of fresh air blow through your life, and understand that with a little bit of disruption, you can find new opportunities to live a different kind of lifestyle. Don't get yourself into narrow vision of your world and sound self righteous. Stay open to feedback. If you keep talking and keep looking then life will present you with just the idea or the encounter you have been waiting for.
That is the perception of life we have always had , but will the breeze really blow in to sooth our feelings and dissolve all the disruptions.But scientifically speaking breeze may still blow us away and worsen the things.
Let me see , we always have something on our wishlist but as we get those wishes fulfilled we have something new to look to , but if the dreams have failed we either move to a side line and isolate ourselves from it when we should have given it a chance but we fail and back off.
Fighting for dreams has been always taught to us but once we break we are afraid to try. We try to cuddle in our own sense of false pride , meager wins and coziness of our habitat and intend to back off when we are asked to open up the windows.
Man has always been regretting for the past but has not learned to overcome it and is always afraid that the future may turn out to be the same and under the effect of past is unable to shape his future , that perception has to change as it is drawing him back holding him to experiment but he is not ready to open up the windows and let the fresh air come in.


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