Dreams and Desires ???

Life doesn't seem to really work out the way we picturize it but as
humans should we tend to dream ? Dreams have always been an integral
part of human existence, we all live with dreams and the dreams
inculcate in us the desire to succeed.
Dreams are meant to be there but they give rise to desires and these
desires drive us,needless to say the desires form the integral part of
our daily life . They fascinate us , drive us towards the eternal goal
and bring us down whenever we fail. Do failures cease our desires ??
that's the question that instantly haunts our mind and on
retrospecting we realize that may be there is some truth in it.
As i ran through my mind i realized that what ever i had dreamt of ,
desired to be has changed over time and that too due to the
implication of not was i thought but due to the effect of others.
Is it really necessary to satisfy people's desires , their
expectations ?? Man is a social animal and always tends to satisfy
people around him not withstanding his own dreams .
"I desired to be an author and presently i am running my own dental
clinic " that was once quoted by one of my friends , he was doing good
but he was not satisfied . One only gets satisfied if he chases his
own dreams , own desires regardless of their magnitude but the thing
goes we are more driven by thoughts of colleagues rather than our own
intension and that too because we doubt ourselves.
Every one want to be successful but success is a relative term,
depending on individual perspective and the important part is it
should be achieved following our own DESIRES rather than being carried
away by some one else's opinion .


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