Magical hands ! Mystic colours !!

Strange topic!!! That is what one thinks when something unusual or eccentric comes across but philosophers are of the view that the most intricate of all understandings could evolve from the life surrounding us and the penetration of the ideas projected by it. So this is one topic which tries to understand how life goes and how it is influenced by the environment we live in.

Are you wondering what does this topic mean? What are Magical hands? Ok let me put it forth Magical hands pertains to the divine intervention and the Mystic colours are the various shades of our life, the canvas we paint with our emotions and the influence and perception of people surrounding us. What do we do when some result is going to be out, I am not talking only of exam results but of results at every level of our life, this may be an individual perception but I suppose at the back of his head that individual prays or rather hopes he is successful. Here I am also talking about people who are confident to succeed yet there is a mark of fear and that makes him hope he succeeds. This hope calls for a divine intervention. It has been a universally known fact that the success of an individual is determined by the mathematical formula of 99% hard work and 1% luck, shear luck. A lot of us might have also experienced that in a way or so , we hope we are lucky and we don't fail to achieve what we wish to.

So we wish things should be right.

Another contradictory aspect can be, the magical hands pertains to the hard working hands of the people who don't believe in destiny or rather believe in making one. These people are the Fountainheads of the society the Atlases who are holding this world on their shoulders and burdening themselves with the mystic colours of life across this globe. They are rightly the people who, define the destiny of their peer men and are the source of Magical hands.

Those were a few interpretations of the Magical Hands they may not be true in everyone's perception but may cater to the thinking of a lot of people.

The mystic colours mesmerizing our thoughts drive the understanding of our life and surroundings. What do you feel when you see a painting you may not be an art veteran or someone who has studied art but you definitely feel something even a thought like "what does this painting mean?" is enough to say that colours inspire us, insight our visual perception then what shall be the effect of something like life which has shades beyond the imagination of an individual. Phenomenal is one exclamation that comes to my mind when I see that an entire lifetime or even two shall be small enough to go through and understand and experience the different shades and colours of life. The existential philosophy over the decades or to say over the centuries has been trying to define a singular aspect of life and yet that seems so less so miniature in front of life itself. A whole book may seem small, if i try to explain my experiences and various shades of life the mystical, mesmerizing colours which are only reflective of my environment and my surroundings. So I shall be penning it down in the exact format, in a hope to expect your feed back, along with your experiences.

Yes in deed the magical hands may seem to be the hands of a potter who shapes the pot and then fills mesmerizing colours into it, a symbolism of us in our environment being crafted by divine intervention.


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