"Eventuality is a faculty from the discipline of Phrenology, which rules the factual memory: the memory for facts and events. It can also be referred to as the historical faculty, and it is reflected in a desire to know and be informed. The localization is between Individuality and Comparison." - GOOGLE .
i have always loved knowing different individuals , understanding them to the depth for i think that is the key to understanding the greatest mystery of all times " Why are we here? " ," What are we supposed to live for? " and other such questions over which the the philosophers from different era have pondered and given theories . I don't say i am philosopher neither am i a socialist I am just a normal human being trying to find meaning for my Life . A Life which i stage as someone the world knows but analyze it as if i were the third person looking over my life , i don't possess the power to control time but sometime after committing a blunder of a life time i wish i had that capability to undo what i did wrong but the beauty of life as i realize is in cleaning up the mess that we created in our folly, ignorance , short sightedness or rather to say in our un-aimed miscalculated prediction of the situation.
I have seen quite a few individuals and know them far better than they think I do. I have seen them on a quest to defeat someone, break the standards set by someone so that they could prove they are good, better .
"BETTER" ,better than whom someone who was considered the best for quite some time ,but what they don't realize is that the individual who was considered the best is not better than them at that instant and they would only remain the best until someone out performs them or betters them . I am not trying to make a point that quest for betterment is GOOD or BAD but I am trying to put forth that is it necessary for everyone to tell you that you are good or will you be good only when you out perform someone. The point is if you wish to improve improve on yourself , if you wish to out-perform, out-perform yourself. I believe and it is my prerogative to think so that every individual possesses a specific set of Potential either in terms of mind or of body and could eventually improve on it by changing his state [Ref: Potential energy in terms of physics is the energy which is possessed by the body due to it's state].This is like learning from your own mistakes and improving yourself, or like doing things which you believe that you cannot do; stretching yourself to the limit like walking a mile or two extra when you believe your body cannot go further . This is nothing but believing in ourselves a positive state of mind which various Stress Management Gurus point out to control the feelings or emotions of an individual.
But i believe lot of the people i have met are unhappy not because they don't have enough but because the person they wish to outperform is performing better than them. I don't say be contended with what you have but change the way you look at things , change your mind set, don't be a lunatic in copying others use your mind, portray your own style for the people you intend to follow were unique in there own respect .Try to gain respect from yourself and eventually the happiness will follow.


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