Life comes a full circle

Venturing into the realms of "nothingness" ;yes i have just coinined this word it is an expression to signify the the depth just as we say meaninglessness . It extends the gravity of the word be it negative or positive.Where am i taking this , of course to nothing.
This nothing has been called a void, a vacuum or an avenue where everyone of us has ventured but could not give the description of its landscape , it's beauty or ugliness .A place which every one of us avoids but eventually lands in it for a while or for eternity.

So the Question is what does this nothingness pertains to??? that seems to be a pathetic question when i am saying its nothing then how could it have meaning but eventually we realize that it does have meaning. the meaning is well hidden under the seemingly feeling of "NOTHINGNESS".It is like anti matter the negative of the feeling when we have everything.Yes that is what we always want but how will we cherish everything until we realize its true value.

Whenever we have to venture into a different territory by train, plane or ship we reach the station were we board our transportation medium but generally its after a delay either for the sake of security checks, technical faults or arrival delays .This period of probation is in the realms of "Nothingness". But we don't realize that this was the period that eventually made us realize that the journey and the destination is important rather than standing at the station.It is like creating an extreme low so that you may realize how is it to achieve the greatest pleasure.

If it would not have been for the darkness no one would have appreciated the find of fire. No civilization would have endured the presence of sun God and literature would have announced or appreciated the win of good over evil.So if this "Nothingness" has so greater a meaning and it seems to be the negative of every thing that means it is the greatest evil one could find and overcome."Empty mind is Devil's playground" and this empty mind is cause of "nothingness".

The list is endless and one could go on comparing the good and evil things with this realm of nothingness and would arrive on a similar conclusion but the anticipation of the conclusion lies on one's own self so at the end of the day it is your attitude that matter and the understanding you derive out of the conclusion of nothingness. A positive approach would help you enhance your vices into virtues , love whatever you do and your opinion would matter about the situation .The life goes a full circle and things happen as they ought to happen it is you opinion and your choices which decide your course of existence either happily or into the realms of nothingness.


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