Best Friend

For all the years that have gone by,
You are the one person that has always been my side.
For the good and bad i have always looked unto you,
Best friend i would say has always been you.

The way you befriended me.
The way you believed in me.
The way you scolded me.
The way you held onto me.

What would have i done without you,
That supporting me when everyone quited,
That helping me in the messy situations,
That clearing my head with tricky conversations.

That dreaming with open eyes,
The hope to take on life in different stride
Your practical notions,
Yet my obnoxious nature.

I really miss those days that have gone by
It is true friendship,I sigh
You are an awesome friend to keep
And I hope, i shall find you beside me whenever i seek.


uttara said...

arey abhinav...itni badi poem likhne ki kya jarurat thi...bas ek party se kaam chal sakata tha.. tum bhi na..chal koi na..thank u :P:D ;)

abhinav said...

@UP woh aapne khane se dushmani kar rakhi thi na iss liye party nahi di !!! :P ;-)

Isha Shiri said...

Wow! I love what you write.

It is a pleasure to follow his blog, I feel that you are a person of good heart.

Happy Chanukah 2010!

abhinav said...

@Isha Shiri

Thanks for appreciating my work, your comment was a great motivator.

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