Head and Heart

Random thoughts fill up my mind
Yet they seem one of a kind
My head tells me 'apply logic'
but heart says 'it's so tragic'
My head asked my heart
why are you so down to earth ??
The heart replied "I dont have anything applied".
"I just go by the flow,it's my nature to glow ".
But what of the people that have hurt you
Dont you wish to denounce them & make them feel so.

The heart replied it's your nature to pick up a fight,
The grey matter has blocked your sight.
You are so entangled in the meshy web,
That you dont see beauty in the ebb.
The head could not take the humiliation,
It decided to stop working for a generation.
Wonder it never made the heart see the truth
for it knew that heart can never be a sleuth.

With the head gone,the heart was open to wrong,
No one cared where it belonged.
People played with it as they liked,
And then the heart realized what the head had tried?
Thinking only with your heart is a bad experience indeed
For the heart is eventually meant to bleed.
The heart realized it was a big mistake
And requested the head to partake.
The life returned to normal
And the head and heart were never that formal.


kaushik said...

kya baat hai sir jee ...........maza aa gaya ....

Uttara said...

Very Nice Indeed. but don u think des things can go other way round too...mind is not always rude n harsh... like when the heart is envious , it wants to erupt... the mind then tells it to stay calm.... :):)...more thots on dis..discuss later

Pal Sin said...

Lovely blog. Congratulations!

abhinav said...

@kaushik thanks sirji !!

I agree to your point but it is in regards with generic perception !!
more thots on dis..discuss later!!

@Pal Sin
thanks !!

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