Balancing Equation

Do you remember your chemistry lessons?? yes i am asking you to go way back to your first chemistry class where you were learning to balance equations.The idea of balancing the equation was so intriguing that i still am fascinated about the concept. Ah , dont be ridiculous , i am no ardent fan of chemistry , its just the general concepts that were imbibed in us through those learning sessions at school seem fascinating as they transform as great tools for our day to day understanding.
Yes i was talking about equations , balancing them and what were we dealing with ,yes elements from the periodic table.Every element used to have some physical and chemical properties and we were supposed to identify the elements on the basis of these characteristics during the higher classes. Now the idea was such that every thing transforms into something with equal proportions of some elements with appropriate amount of energy playing the role either being dissipated or getting absorbed and then there were catalysts , initiators and controlling elements that controlled the fate of the reaction.
Don't it all looks similar to your day to day experience in life, you meet people they act as elements then things start taking shape emotions,thoughts,ideas , philosophies etc come into play and define the course of one's life equation.It all looks ironic how a subject at such an early stage of our life hold so much philosophy and that too so explicitly visible that we never tried to understand it in this perspective.
That is the key of understanding education holds , all we have to do is scratch your heads and understand them and then implement them to know our environment , understand people , choose the right set of people.People who are true , who are bare minimum individualists believing in change and bringing about transformation by shear hard work.And we will definitely get help in identifying people who have double standards ( -ve catalyst, these are the people who are really responsible for unbalancing the equation). They need to be identified and controlled and stayed away from theoretically. But its human nature to be intrigued with something that is dark and that is how we create our dooms day.


Madhur Bhargava said...

it just looks like a seminar !!

Good work .. :)

abhinav said...

thanks yaar !! but this seminar is based on practical observation and is backed by evidences !!

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