I was traveling to Delhi on the day when news paper carried a story of Mr.Nandan Nilekani resigning from the board of Infosys in order to dawn the character of a visionary leader as the head of the proposed single ID card development department.
I was , in those days , pretty busy with my own life which was i would say undergoing "QUARTER LIFE CRISIS" and i had no thoughts other than my life's , which had gone hay-wired.But that's a different story.Incidentally i had stopped reading newspaper for a few days now, thanks to google news,but on a train its pretty difficult even now to access google,I suppose we may have to wait for 3G services to be fully operational before we could actually get google on a train.So the newspaper was the last escape from the chatter box sitting just next to me, please don't get ideas ,she was not talking to me but with her boyfriend and that to on her mobile and i was wondering ,when will her balance end so that she may turn silent,but that was not to happen,not on this journey.So coming back onto the news I read it said that Nandan Nilekani will head the team that will initiate the development and implementation of this project and Infosys is the biggest contender in order to bag the tenders for development.The Newspaper said that this project should be considered a milestone project similar to the DMRC (Delhi Metro) that would change the way India is looked upon and Nandan Nlekani would be parallel to the greats like Mr. E. Sreedharan, Managing Director, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, who is credited for the zeal with which Metro Rail in Delhi has developed.
But what the newspaper didn't tell us is that this highly anticipated project will be funded by the world bank and governments strategy of putting a respected corporate leader like Nandan Nilekani , as the chief of the project is merely a stunt to add credibility to the government projects.Why add credibility to the government project is Indian government not self capable??
That is not the point, the high level of corruption in bureaucracy and the Satyam scam are more than enough to be cautious with the system and since internationally there has been so much financial crisis, they are definitely unwilling to put stakes where there is a possibility of risk.
Then the second point which cannot be ignored is that we have hundreds of people trying to get a passport as a valid legal document of there existence and their citizenship of our country and they pay around 1500 to 3500 bucks in order to get that then what is the need to start something new do we in the wake of so many crisis either financial,social or terrorism , have time to invest in the infrastructure in order to develop single ID for all the citizens.
Why don't we try something like this lets say passport is a valid legal document nationally and internationally and people are willing to pay in order to get this document then why don't we make it mandatory for everyone to get a passport. Will this not be better than investing in a new infrastructure , creating a system an independent organization and bearing the salary burden of unnecessary people.secondly if you are so interested in a smart card technology then also add a card to the passport and demolish every other identity proof that exists in this country.

What I am seeing is not a mere act of growth for the country but the ministry and bureaucracy in terms of money which may be lost to the country as black money. What these people don' t understand is that it is their nation and they should make it the roaring and leaping tiger similar to the flying Eagle rather than a crouching tiger that is tired of the unethical behavior of its citizens.


Moody said...

bahut sahi kahe londe!

shubhra said...

Well said ... but just wanted to add that there have to be some initiative to begin something...this is an initiative and this is what happens when something new is proposed. Ppl like u and me can say that the system is crap...things are these ppl comprises of us only. I am diverting from the topic ..just wanted to say...let us make some start...let it be this way or whatever :-)

Anchal Agarwal said...

you absolutely u know action speaks louder than words so it has not to be just abt writing, it has to be about inacting to stand agnst all dese..i sincerely appreciate ur views but dese can be turned into reality only if sme1 has d courage to stand agnst it..

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