The Faculty of Perception:A Mith or Reality

I just went through the 'blogs i follow ' list and was amazed at the extent of creativity people could go to and then i was wondering maybe that was no creativity that was reality , yes i know i sound like an atheist who denies the existence of god but believe me i am not trying to be one.
Am i a pessimist or optimist do i see the glass half fill or half empty , everyone says its our perception of reality that gives a meaningful existence to us and our environment. We assess ourselves and that is how we change our existence,to be optimized on the terms of our value system.So what is the value system, may be some institution like marriage that legalizes a moral concept or a hard core rule book that defines how we should live. Again its very hard to define something that has no physical existence , its like a form shifter ,yes something that changes with changing perception.Is it really hard to digest what i am pointing out.
I am trying to make a point by saying that what may be reality to a few may be an act of fiction to others and believe me it is not coming out of a movie , its live yes its happening all around us but we in the ignorance of our quest for happy life don't recognize the simple mysteries and the education, life is imparting us.We are just turning our back onto reality and are moving onto the verge of being ignorant of the tools that could perhaps comprehend this reality into knowledge.
'Knowledge is power' yet we run after power all our lives, yes power it doesn't only pertain to its literal meaning, it's symbolic of success and everything else a human wants in its life. Ain't he deluded , actually the faculty of perception deceives them it tells them that power is everything , its visible, even it forms a handsome mirror image that too a powerful one but the knowledge is hidden from naked eye and lost to most of us and then someone like Lord Mahavira or Lord Buddha or as a matter of fact any of those great souls that walked this earth have to seek it for us to be lost again in the human faculty of perception.


Dilip said...

keep rolling.... :)

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