ShoeD: The Shoed Democracy

I have been asked to be very simple in my posts and try to bring out the essence of the topic in a bit easier fashion.So although i don't think that i write so disturbing thoughts that people don't get them but still since the request has been from one of my most wonderful senior,whom i respect a lot ,it cannot be ignored.
Since we are living in the world's largest democracy , I suppose everyone has the write to express themselves .This fact is well justified when one goes across the pages of the most sacred book in the Indian Politics , yes our CONSTITUTION drafted and proposed under Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. We even celebrate the Republic day in order to commemorate the occasion of us being legally civilized, by that I mean as a population and respected citizen of the country we ought to behave civilized and abide by the constitution which gives the definition of our rights and duties.
Yes we are very aware of the rights the right to education,equality,freedom and above all the right to free speech and the right to vote and select our representatives in the governments but what we may intend to ignore is that the constitution puts a few restriction on us in order to ensure peace in the society and the coexisting societies.Ok .. this again seems to be going a way off track and i need to consolidate my thoughts or else i may end up writing something wierd.
It is the shoes i am talking about yes the same shoe that flung past President Bush's face and then it was the turn of Indian Home Minister Mr.P.Chidambram followed by Mr Jindal and finally the BJP's PM candidate and senior leader Mr.L.K.Advani. This act is a very shameful one and hampers the image of our country as a civilized peace loving nation.When you have the bigger tool,yes your vote to show these polititians what they deserve then why use a shoe to express your anger.The politics is too corrupt and no one wishes to dirty his hands while cleaning this mess up but a SHOE , it needs a revolutionary movement on solid ground to rebuild this nation as the leaders and freedom fighters had thought when they fought to free this country .
We are far better than the people who appreciate the tantrum in the form of a SHOE,we are civilized and above all we are the democratic republic which is based on love , trust and equality.
So why be carried away with the trend from another country , You have the power and your Vote could bring a difference .So bring that change rather than shoeing this Democracy.


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