I don't know why i am up so late but i don't feel like sleeping , although when you have your life at stake you don't feel like sleeping at least not me.So should i be writing a blog, do i have that much of free time to devote to a blog.Again my answer would be i don't know why i am up so late and why i wish to blog.
This is supposedly my hobby and i enjoy it and for the sake of enjoying my hobby, i am blogging.But why should i bore people with this stuff.I have had an intriguing session of intellectual talk over professionalism in IT with one of my seniors and his points were justified,as a matter of fact that is what I shared with people undergoing such crisis as lack of professionalism etc., and they agreed to me when i lectured them. In the mean time i was wondering whether I was sounding that philosophical or more of an enthusiast who himself is trapped into a mud hole and has no where to go,yet he is trying desperately to stay cool and get out of these shabby waters either by pulling some strings or by swimming. And believe me for a situation like this you need a divine intervention.
So what would i be doing? I am out of job at the moment , my company has done its largest acquisition till date and has become a top IT company in the country which may further mean that we stay on hold for a longer time or we may be rushed into the sick units of the acquired company as we are trained by the mother company (that sounds a bit childish and I wrote it for I felt like mentioning).
But this not ends the list of thoughts juggling in my mind for there space as if they have soared as the population of the country and there is no stopping it. Weird now i couldn't think of anything else just why am i writing this blog when i have so much pending work, yes don't be astonished. If I am out of job it don't mean I am not working and that is what is keeping me afloat in the present recession crisis,which seemingly are dying out either to fade away in people's memory, like mine, or to strike back like a storm and cause greater devastation.

(P.S.: Don't think over issues which are long dead and buried. Start Afresh.)


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