Statement Of Purpose for Nirma University

Why would you like to do Master of Business Administration?

Bo Bennett said, “Every minute you spend in your life is either spent bringing you closer to your goals or moving you away from your goals”. After doing my B.Tech and gaining some corporate experience at Tech Mahindra I want to hone my skills, so I can move closer to my goal of attaining professional expertise and learn various aspects of behavioral epistemology and to apply them for the betterment of myself and my environment.

My pragmatic nature and ethical value system have always been my strength and have lead me in carrying out the Technical festival Zealicon 2008” for the first time in our college. I as the Event Manager did not have the backup in terms of experience of my seniors or documentation, so I had to start afresh. Eventually I was able to deliver a successful show and I realized that “One person’s life influences the lives of an unbelievable number of people”.

Another catalyst to my ever analyzing thought process being this recession, which has taken a toll over economy and eventually human life. Since it is affecting so many lives there is a need for effective solution and I believe with my understanding and after attaining proper tools from a structured course like MBA I would definitely be able to contribute towards solving many such unforeseen problems.

I am confident that my strengths, potentials and my strategic and analytical abilities would help me become an efficient professional. NIRMA (Institute of Management), one of the pioneer institutes with its esteemed faculty and exponential growth over the past decade, will provide the right pedestal for gaining a Post Graduation in Management. It would help me interact with and learn from people of varied backgrounds.

Name : Abhinav Rastogi

CAT Reg.No. : 7450655

IMNU form No.: 2827


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