Part 1 : Do shades of gray really exist??

Good and Evil, right and wrong or white and black all are the synonyms of the hypothetical battle battle rising within me and this battle is just between my head and and my heart,its within me and its mine.
Lets have an example, by social acceptance and social value system, telling a lie is an evil deed and my heart completely agrees to it but by another convention telling a lie selflessly in order to help someone is a virtuous deed, logic supports it.But what I have been wondering for a while is that how could a singular thing be good and bad at the same time , it seems to be like the bitter medicine which is bad in taste but has high medicinal value. Although it looks like I possess the answer to the question, that "Do shades of gray really exists?" but do I?.
What does gray signify ?? It portrays the middle path between right and wrong, black and white which could be walked in order not to contradict your own beliefs and neither let your conscience know that you have ever walked a shabby lane without guilt.I don't know and am in no authority to justify whether such shades of gray should exist or not. But as a person who keeps a perpetual understanding of the events happening in his environment, I would like to add an angle to the present course of discussion, we say Ravan was evil and Ram was good.
took away Sita and did a very evil deed but was Ram justified when he sent Sita away to the jungle because people were saying things about her.Was it justified on the part of the most just person, who has ever walked the face of the earth, to have sent his wife away?. He was the symbol of goodness , of truth and justice but his logic was blinded and he had to adorn the shades of gray , to denounce his wife of her rights, for the sake of society.What we should not forget here is that Sita had passed the test of fire to prove her purity then how could Ram go about in taking a descision which had no valid backing.
Why do we have to adorn the shades of gray ?? A lot of such questions are triggering in my mind and i am not able to justify.What is wrong or what is right? How many perspectives do one has to satisfy in order to be stereotyped in an image , i am saying that being good or evil is virtuous but is it worth being stereotyped??
So, do the absolutes never exist ?? Yes they do and these are people who never compromise with there situations , they make their own situations .... wondering how?? , is one question which i leave to you and shall be discussing it in my next post , till then gray it is!!


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