And I Thought.....

Human expressions have been an essential tutor to my evolving thought process and when i look back now , i feel it has changed drastically.For better or worse is another question , but the interesting part is how. Have i matured from my naive self into a person who has considerable understanding of life ?? That would indeed be an overstatement , when I recall a few observations I made a few days ago.
I had seen men confiding in men, women confiding in men and vice - verse but this was something astonishing and a certain phenomenon which i had never observed in the process of learning and exploring emotions.Have you ever seen women confiding in women, moving out when they had crush over a single individual since their friend wanted a chance ?? Watch them and you would say are they real sisters , their behavior so similar in expression to their counterparts.
What would men do when they fall in love with the same girl ?? The repercussions are different in different cases but lets say they are very good friends , I would presume that one would walk out and let the other have a better chance , as men being logical assume that competing amongst themselves would eventually drop their probability of getting the girl to mere 50 %. Let's have our friend have 100% opportunity they would say. Did you ever find any girl do that ??
I never did , women fight it out and they have serene and sensual weapons to do that , clothes,shoes , accessories ,cosmetics and charm to persuade the man they love. The competition to achieve what they have set their sight on is quite vital for their existence.
And then I found a set of individuals who confide in each other , their groupism so in tandem to the male behavior that would even shy men, i would term their bonding as "SisterHood" . Friendship where nothing is at stake , something so sacred existed that i was tempted to understand it. But then i felt that my understanding of life was so naive, being an advocate of women liberalization and expression of free will , how did i assume that women are incapable of any behavior or emotion that we would expect men to demonstrate.And then I thought .... If it was not this way wouldn't I cease to learn and experience such beautiful expressions in my environment.


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