"And every one says you need to speak for yourself" was the exclamation that filled my head at any meeting where i was unheard , so typical of me and a lot of egoistic people who seem to believe that truth starts at the juncture they think appropriate. But today i met EXPERIENCE,yes it is one of the most valued asset of any professional and i for the first time saw loosing my self in front of it ,i was looking for corners to hide myself . I didn't understood what happened to me but i saw panic gripping my entire body and yet my mind was sporting an opposition.Thank god i always rely on my mind for my professional goals and eventually i was able to make my point and attain some respect in the eyes of my opponent.

The above statements are not meant to be conclusive they are a snippet of an encounter of a professional with his manager which concluded in a mutual yes for both the parties.But trying to draw conclusions out of it would be illogical.As both of them think that they have outsmarted the other , the manager would believe that he handled a situation pretty well by drowning the enthusiasm of the individual by half agreeing to him and half repressing him whereas the individual would believe that he was although partially heard but would eventually be called to express himself later.
So all in all both of them mutually accepted that this is inconclusive and both are winners(normally its a draw but egoistic minds),so it always takes the third person to analyse who the winner is and here i would like to add that the winner is never the party involved but the person who sits on the side line and learns from the stupidity of those involved.


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